Tokyo Guide ebook

The Tokyo Guide Ebook includes over 250 baby-friendly and kid-friendly locations in the Top 10 locations in Tokyo.

Tokyo Urban Baby Tokyo Travel Guide 3rd Edition 2018


Kyoto Guide ebook

The Kyoto Guide Ebook includes over 60 baby-friendly and kid-friendly locations in the Top 5 locations in Kyoto.

Kyoto Guide


2 Ebooks + 10 Bonus Guides!

The full package includes all my Ebooks for Japan, including The Tokyo Guide and Kyoto Guide, AND access to all online resources on the Tokyo Urban Baby website including:

  • Lifetime membership and access to all members-only posts (including free downloads of all future updates)
  • Interactive Map of all locations

2 Ebooks:

  1. The Tokyo Guide Ebook
  2. The Kyoto Guide Ebook

10 Bonus Guides:

  1. BONUS – Asakusa Bonus Guide
  2. BONUS – Hotel and Airbnb Guide
  3. BONUS – Seasons and Climate Guide
  4. BONUS – How to Dress Your Baby Guide
  5. BONUS – Japanese Baby Food Guide
  6. BONUS – Health and Beauty Guide
  7. BONUS – Earthquake Preparedness Guide
  8. BONUS – 10 Mistakes to Avoid (when traveling in Japan with a baby)
  9. BONUS – 5 Train Station tutorials (how to navigate with a stroller)
  10. BONUS – 10 Virtual Tours of Tokyo’s main sites (interactive visual guide how to enjoy with a baby)
Tokyo and Kyoto Guides