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How to plan your trip to Tokyo with your baby!

This workshop has ended! Please come and join next time!

Are you planning to visit Japan with your baby?

Make sure you join the Tokyo Travel Workshop below!

This is a special time-limited workshop that I am running only a few times per year. It is the first video in a series of 3 videos about how to plan your trip to Tokyo. These videos are usually only open for members of Tokyo Urban Baby, but I have released the first video here for FREE for a limited time, to help you with the first steps to planning your trip to Tokyo and to give you a peak inside the members section.

Simply follow the 3 steps below!

STEP 1: Watch the video

STEP 2: Download your Mindmap here! NOTE: This workshop has ended! Please wait for the next workshop!

STEP 3: If you have a question or comment, please write below in the comments section and I will reply!

For more workshop videos to help you prepare your trip to Japan with your baby, plus the Tokyo Guide ebook and new bonus Kyoto online guide, make sure you buy the Tokyo Guide!


Tokyo Urban Baby Tokyo Travel Guide 3rd Edition 2018

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