20th February 2020

“The guide was very helpful in locating baby friendly locations. During our time in Tokyo, it was a lifesaver for finding changing stations, hot water for bottles, and children friendly areas.”

Thank you for your message! I’m so happy the Tokyo Guide was a lifesaver for your trip!!

31st January 2020

I just received this lovely message:

“We arrived yesterday but won’t hit Tokyo for a week or so. One outing in Narita and I can already tell that this guide will be super useful! Cheers, Catherine”

Thank you Catherine! I’m so excited the Tokyo Guide is helping you! 😍💕

25th August 2019

“As this was our first trip to Japan, Kate provided us with a wealth of places to visit. Without her assistance I would never have been able to find such interesting places and I very appreciated all the restaurant recommendations because when traveling with kids, food is key! I think the former Asakura residence near Shibuya was my favorite.”

Thank you for your message! I’m so happy you had a wonderful time!

27th July 2019

I just received this lovely message from Liz from Australia about my Kyoto Guide!

“Finding child friendly restaurants even in Sydney where I live can be stressful when you’re on the go. So, having the peace of mind that I had a list of restaurant recommendations sprinkled all over Kyoto was incredible. I also loved how I had a list of playgrounds at the tip of my fingers! We visited so many of your recommendations.
I absolutely LOVED the google map view you gave me. I used it literally everyday to find inspiration for our lunch spot, playground or activity for the day. Thank you!”

Thank you so much Liz for your email! I’m so happy the Kyoto Guide helped you to enjoy with your toddler!

29 Mar 2019

Kyoto with kids

I just received this lovely message!

Dear Kate,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am currently in Kyoto staying at the guesthouse you recommended. We also ate lunch at the child friendly restaurant in Sannenkaza today and also took our kids to the kids play area in Isetan department store today. We only arrived in Kyoto yesterday.

I cannot thank you enough for all your suggestions and posts on your blog. I have your Tokyo guide ebook downloaded and having access to the Kyoto guide has been an absolute god send.

I am travelling with my husband and two year old twin daughters.

We come from Melbourne and are also heading to Tokyo for 6 days after we leave Kyoto. Prior to coming to Kyoto we were in Okinawa for my cousin’s wedding.

Tomorrow we have our kimono dress up and photo shoot at The rental shop you recommended. Can you tell I’m following your guide very closely?!! Hahaha.

We are sooo excited 🙂

Anyway just wanted to say hello and let you know what we’re up to, and say thank you thank you thank you!!!

Looking forward to Tokyo armed with your guide book.

Kindest regards,

Janet Bui

Thank you so much Janet for your message! I’m so thrilled you’re having a wonderful time!!!!! It really made me soooo happy to receive your message yesterday!!!!

27 Jan 2018

Hi Kate,

I’ve just returned from a 3 week trip to Japan and I just wanted to say that your guide was terrific!

I have visited Japan numerous times before and I lived in Matsue for a year, but we still felt daunted by the prospect of returning for a holiday with two children in tow. (baby 11 months and 4 year old)

It was great to know that we wouldn’t be scrambling to find baby food (or struggle to read the kanji), change tables, places for a wriggly baby to play. After a hectic day in Harajuku we made our way to the Tokyu Plaza rooftop garden. Perfect for a tired family and a restless baby! Also loved your advice to visit Kiyomizo-dera in Kyoto. It was such an easy temple to visit with a pram and we also went to your recommended cafe afterwards.
I also really appreciated your Instagram updates while we were there – it felt very personal to have a heads up that the kids will need jackets in the next few days because the weather was cold! So, thanks for putting all of this together, it’s a great resource and I’ll definitely be recommending to any other parents planning a trip to Japan.


Thank you so much Megan for your lovely email! I am so thrilled that you had a wonderful time in Tokyo with your family! And such a cute photo! I’m just about to launch the 3rd Edition of the Guide, so your feedback and support really gave me such a huge boost and made me so happy! xoxo Kate

5th Feb 2018

Hi Kate,

I’ve been meaning to email for a while to say thank you for your guide. We visited Tokyo in July last year with our then 13 month old daughter, and it was such a huge help. I have previously lived in Saitama, and visited Tokyo numerous times, but it’s very different with a baby!

Your guide was a lifesaver when it came to finding indoor play areas due to the hot and humid weather. We ended up at the wooden Muji playspace in Shibuya on an almost daily basis, and it was somewhere we never would have found by ourselves.

It was really handy being able to have the guide as a PDF on my phone, able to be referred to whenever we ended up in a covered area.

I’m looking forward to using your guide again when we next visit Tokyo, and hopefully taking advantage of more outdoor suggestions!


Thank you Brianna for your lovely email!! I’m so happy to receive your feedback!! xoxo Kate

20 Jan 2018

Thank you Alix from Cherry Blossom Girl!!

Alix from The Cherry Blossom Girl has recommended my Tokyo Guide! So exciting!

Here is Alix’s post below:

Repost from @alixcherry :
I still have a few pictures from Japan to post! Some parents planning to visit Tokyo with their young kids sent me a few messages so I thought I would share some tips!
1) Get the @tokyourbanbaby guide. This was a life saver while on my first trip with a baby 2 years ago. The guide lists everything you will need such as play areas, kids friendly restaurants, sightseeing, stores… and super useful informations such as the locations of the nursing rooms and the elevators. It’s worth every penny !


“We had an awesome trip to Tokyo and your guide was invaluable for navigating the train stations with a stroller. We took lots of your suggestions for great restaurants and fun kid friendly places. Thank you!” – Christy Clark

“Hi Kate! Just got back from Tokyo…and really your ebook was my savior!” – Radmilla

“The eBook is really thorough, it boosts my confidence just by going through it! My husband, our 1 yo baby, and I will visit Tokyo early Sept.” – Jessy

Nov 2012

“I’m a mum based in Makuhari, Chiba, but love Tokyo Urban Baby’s information. The blog is ideal for planning a visit to Tokyo if you’re an occasional visitor to the city. After hearing about Tokyo Urban Baby online through Facebook friends, I checked out the map of baby rooms and facilities for an upcoming weekend in the city. For my birthday we chose to stay for a couple of nights near Roppongi Hills, and had a great time using the family room when we needed it and and my kids enjoyed their time in Roppongi Hills a lot. We also bumped into Kate and her family in the family room – we had the chance to meet for real! In such a huge metropolis such as Tokyo it’s a welcome relief to meet friendly and kind people, and we were so pleased to meet Tokyo Urban Baby in his home environment. Thanks for everything and good luck with the blog!”

  • Tara, Chiba (Nov, 2012)

Sep 2012

“I first heard about Kate’s blog as I was coordinating for Tokyo Pregnancy Group, and Kate was willing to come in and talk. What I loved about Kate speaking was how open and genuine she was about her experiences, and there was a very clear intention on her part in doing so to be helpful for pregnant women/mothers in Tokyo. After the meeting I went to her blog and– as I was soon due at the time and very worried about what the experience in the hospital would be like– I remember looking at the link about her birth experience. I also looked at the link about what women’s breastfeeding experiences had been like, both in the hospital and in Tokyo in general because I was pretty worried about that! Once our baby came, I went (and continue to go) back to the blog quite often for various reasons, but the link about baby carrier vs. stroller sticks out as very helpful. All in all, I love this site and I am so grateful to Kate for doing this; her joy in connecting people in this way is really infectious.”

  • Katherine, Sep 2012

Sep 2012

“I’m a big fan of Tokyo Urban Baby ( TUB). I am a mum of an 11month old baby now. The first time I heard from Kate, the owner, that she created a blog for those people who had a baby or mum to bees to introduce some information living in Tokyo with a baby, I immediately checked it and thought that was a great idea and would become a helpful information blog for us.

It was the information of nursing rooms and the way of getting on the train with a pram etc.,Even though I’m Japanese and living in Tokyo I had never payed an attention to the nursing rooms in Tokyo and no idea for traveling with a baby before I had my daughter so ever since then I check TUB regularly for getting useful info and spreading it with the word of mouth.

I especially like the section of baby friendly cafes in Tokyo. It’s getting harder and harder to go out with babies as they grow and we tend to find a good place to eat with little ones, however the question is ‘where?!’, so I feel happy when I come across with the topic Kate puts up about the baby friendly restaurants and cafes so that I can keep it in mind when I go out with other mummies. I also feel privilege sometimes by sharing the useful info via Kate like sharing my experience of the life with baby and introducing baby friendly cafes that I’ve found etc,.

Kate is a super mum, a wise woman and such a researcher! The topics she updates are always fun to look at and worth seeing the video clips. ( I personally always look forward to the BGM ; ))

TUB is one of the highly recommended blogs for all mummies and I’m sure the readers get something from it and appreciate all her detailed researches!”

  • Junko, Sep 2012

Sep 2012

“When I moved to Meguro last February with my 3 month old baby, I did not have many friends in the area and especially I did not know anything about how to travel with my baby and where to start to explore with my baby around here. Kate introduced Tokyo Urban Baby website, and I started to think “Wow, Tokyo is not so bad to live with my little one” because I used to live Myouden in Chiba where you can get a lot of help from city council about living with a baby. TUB contains a lot of information to help me to think it is going to be exciting to live in Tokyo! I love the short video which entertain with nice music and gives us the right amount of information. I now go out with my baby with a bit of confidence to walk around in Tokyo and I do not hesitate to continue to explore it. Thank you very much Kate! I can imagine that it would be not easy to get all that information and create the website with your little one. You are great!!”

3ヶ月目になる赤ちゃんを連れて今年2月に目黒区に引っ越して来て、近くに友達もいなく右も左もわからない場所でどんなふうに新しい生活を送ろうかと正直不安でした。ケイトにTokyo Urban Babyを教えてもらってから、案外赤ちゃんにフレンドリーで便利な場所がたくさんあることに気づき、最初に抱いていた都会ってごちゃごちゃとして赤ちゃんとの生活にはマイナスなイメージが撤回されました。引っ越す前が市川の妙典に住んでいたので、子供に協力的な市川とどうしても比較してしまっていましたが、TUBを知ってからは東京のイメージが赤ちゃんにとてもポジティブに変わりました。ウェブサイトの内容も忙しい毎日に見れる短くて内容がまとまったものだし、ちょっと一息の時に見れる素敵なミュージックがおすすめ。同じ歳の子供を持つ母親として、ケイトがいろいろな情報をTUBに載せ、この忙しい毎日の中どうやってやっているのかと関心します。これからも楽しみにしています。ケイトありがとう。

  • Kaori, Sep 2012

Aug 2012

“For most women, myself included, the months after giving birth are a complete blur. Things like taking a shower or leaving the house remembering to put shoes on are huge accomplishments.
And then there is the inspirational Kate Neath who has found the time to start an incredible blog with the most helpful, relevant and fun content and videos.

Tokyo Urban Baby has been my go-to reference before heading out the door- to find out where I could buy maternity clothes and now to find out about nursing rooms and baby-friendly restaurants/cafes in Tokyo. I do almost all she recommends- i.e. Oketani massage, call for help with pram and I love watching the videos she posts such as the one of her in Bali.

I was lucky enough to participate in a shoot with Kate while I was pregnant- it was such a pleasure to spend a day with her and Ethan. She under promised and over delivered.

Thank you Kate for taking the time to translate Japanese for us, for facilitating our lives and for putting a smile on our faces. Happy mommies= happy babies.

Please keep up the great work!”

  • Carmela, Aug 2012

Aug 2012

“I moved to Tokyo when I was six months pregnant – I didn’t know the language, much less where to buy baby supplies or what I might need to bring to the hospital for delivery. The Tokyo Urban Baby website has been my number one resource for all things baby. There’s nothing you can’t find on the site…from how to buy baby food, diapers, and breastmilk storage bags in Tokyo to where the best nursing rooms and baby-friendly restaurants are located. Kate also has great advice on things like vaccinations, flying with a baby, and also on what to do in case of an earthquake or emergency. There’s really no better resource for new moms in this city!”

  • Anna, Aug 2012

Aug 2012

“Whats one of the first things that comes out of my mouth when I meet a new parent in Tokyo? "Have you ever heard of Tokyo Urban Baby blog?" If they say no, I whip out my IPhone and show them immediately. I cant tell you how often I have used the info from this blog. Thanks to Kates Tokyo baby scene savvy and great skills in sharing information in fun ways, my new little familys life has been extremely enriched. My husband is a fan too. When Kate recommends a cafe, we check it out. When she brings my attention to an IPhone app that will help me find nursing and diaper changing facilities, I download it and use it. Travel tips, fashion, new little daily kosodate advice (sometimes in both English and Japanese)….all of it is extremely helpful. Although I have lived in Tokyo for 5 years, pregnancy and new parenthood threw me for a bit of a loop. I was born and raised in a very rural part of West Texas and never, ever dreamed that I would be raising a child in one of the earth`s largest urban centers. Somehow, during my pregnancy and after birth, I often felt like I had forgotten everything I thought I knew about life in Japan. I am grateful to Kate for her generosity in sharing things from her own life as well as things she finds interesting. She and the ever intrepid Ethan have given me courage to explore Tokyo in a whole new way. I no longer feel daunted these days, and Tokyo Urban Baby has played a key role in helping my sense of wonder return. Thank you, Kate, and I look forward to further posts on your blog.”

  • Rachel, Aug 2012

Aug 2012

“Tokyo Urban Baby is such a useful resource.. in particular for me, whose Japanese is pretty much non-existent. I love checking out the visits that Kate and her baby make to various cafes in Tokyo. She always chooses really cool places, and takes the searching off our hands! It’s always great to watch a video too, to get a real feel of the places. Also as my baby suffers from some allergies, I found the section on reading food labels really helpful.  I always love checking what Kate has been up to, and love that there is a lot of variety on the site. Also love the giveaways!! Keep up the great work Kate!”

  • Fiona, Aug 2012

Aug 2012

“I am really impressed by Tokyo Urban Baby and look on the blog for various ideas and pieces of advice fairly regularly. As a relative newcomer to Tokyo and also a new mum Tokyo Urban Baby has been a great source for me to look at. I particularly find it useful for the following: baby friendly places/cafes to visit, good maternity/baby shopping, advice on traveling with a baby, baby health and development stages, baby feeding and change room locations, and the list goes on. Thanks for creating Tokyo Urban Baby Kate-you are doing a great job!”

  • Jo & Will, Aug 2012

****   Thank you so much everyone (^^)!!!

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