The Kyoto Guide (Ebook)


The Kyoto Guide (Ebook only). Enjoy Kyoto with your baby and kids with the least stress and the most fun! Includes over 60 locations in the Top 5 sightseeing areas in Kyoto!


Do you want to enjoy Kyoto with your baby and kids with the least stress and the most fun?

Let me show you how!

I am SO excited to release my new Kyoto Guide!!! I have been working on this guide for over 3 years! I live in Tokyo so I have been going to Kyoto with my for weekend trips and holidays for a long time, and slowly I’ve been putting together all the baby-friendly, toddler-friendly and kid-friendly locations where you can relax and enjoy this amazing historical town with the least stress and the most fun!

My first trip to Kyoto with my kids was a disaster! Even though I speak Japanese and I’ve been living in Japan for over 15 years, the first trip to Kyoto was totally different. It is much more conservative in Kyoto than Tokyo and considering the history you can understand how deep the culture and social etiquette is. The first cafe I walked into, I was near Fushimi Inari shrine at 11am and my kids were hungry. But all the restaurants were completed packed with people and there were long queues everywhere. Where was I going to feed my kids? I didn’t know where to go or where was the best place to eat. It felt exactly like when I first went out in Tokyo with my first newborn baby! This is when I realized I needed to create a Kyoto Guide, so that other parents wouldn’t struggle like I had!

Kyoto Guide


The Kyoto Guide covers the following 5 Locations in Kyoto:

  1. Kyoto Station area (including temples on north and south side)
  2. Fushimi Inari shrine area
  3. Kiyomizu-dera area (including surrounding sightseeing areas)
  4. Gion area
  5. Kyoto Imperial Palace area (including Nijo Castle area)

What is included?

Includes The Kyoto Guide Ebook (color PDF), which you can download and save on your PC, tablet and smartphone, including +60 locations of the following hot spots:

  • Baby-friendly sightseeing
  • Child-friendly cafes & restaurants
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Nursing rooms
  • Best shopping baby fashion, accessories, and souvenirs

As well as essential tips:

  • What happens if my baby gets sick?
  • Where can I buy diapers?
  • Where can I buy baby food?

LIVE video:

Click on the video below to see my LIVE video on instagram explaining about the Kyoto Guide plus some secret tips!

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