Having experienced being pregnant and being a new mum in Tokyo, I understand how hard it is to find clothing that not only fits, but is also stylish and elegant. It is possible to buy women’s wear and maternity wear online and have it shipped here from overseas, but personally I like to try on my clothes before buying. Here are some brands I have found that fit this description, as well as being comfortable and of great quality.


I did all my maternity wear shopping at H&M during my pregnancy in Japan. I put on 20kg during those 9 months, so I had a lot of trouble finding clothing that would fit! I was so relieved when I found H&M, which had beautiful cotton shirt-dresses, maxi-dresses and floaty tops in large sizes that could not only fit my growing bump but helped me feel elegant and possibly slimmer?!

Click here to see the H&M Maternity Wear Fashion Video & Look Book!

After my baby was born I continue to shop here for in-season tops and pants, as well as cute clothing for my baby.

Below are some photos of me in my H&M purchases. As you can see, my belly was HUGE by the time I reached 40 weeks!



My sister is a fashion designer in Australia and when she came to Tokyo recently she spotted these great legging pants in Uniqlo. I had been looking for these types of pants for a long time, so when I found them in my size I grabbed three pairs! I’ve been wearing them everyday since my baby was born and they’ve been fantastic. They are stretchy so easy to bend down to pick up my baby and also gentle on my stomach. Furthermore, and I am sure many of you will agree, as a new mum I feel like I have about 2 seconds in the morning to get ready and barely make it out the door…..! These legging pants are easy to throw on and match with any tops, making life much easier!


House of Wandering Silk scarves

These beautiful scarves are perfect for throwing over your shoulders and dressing up simple tops and leggings. They are from the House of Wandering Silk, an Eco-Fashion House developed by my friend Katherine from university in Japan. Each scarf is unique, handmade by women in West Bengal in India. They have the most beautiful eye-catching colours and designs. The best part is this business has a fair trade policy, helping the women who made these scarves & their families out of poverty. See the video and photos here.


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