Joolz baby pram

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Miyo Baby Hammock

Why do I love it?

Our baby was sleeping in this hammock 6 hrs straight a night by 4 wks age, followed by another 3 hrs after a nappy change and feed. So in effect my husband and I were getting 9 hrs sleep. We were so glad we bought it! When I was considering buying the hammock, I was initially concerned about safety, but it is very open and has no issues with air flow. I also swaddle my baby before I place him in, so he sleeps soundly on his back looking upwards. I also followed the advice that the hammock is not a toy, it is for sleeping. So as soon as my baby wakes up, I take him out of the hammock and place him on his play-mat. Highly recommend this hammock for a happy baby and a good nights sleep!

Where did I buy it?

I bought the hammock in Australia and brought it back with me on the plane. There are companies that can ship the hammock to Japan though if you are interested.

Update March 2012

My baby has now graduated from the hammock onto his first baby cot. He is only 4mths old, but he grew so big that his feet were touching the end! He could have stayed in the hammock a bit longer, but he was starting to want to sleep with his arms free and was enjoying lying flat on his back, so we decided to transfer him into a cot. We are still glad we had the hammock though, even if we only used it for 4 mths! It was well worth it!!

Nui Organic merino wool wrap blanket

Why do I love it?

I bought this blanket as it gets quite cold in Tokyo in winter and I needed a warm, lightweight blanket for an extra layer of swaddling for my baby in his hammock. This fine merino wool wrap is really beautiful and soft (not itchy at all against the skin), and has a lovely stretch to it which gives a nice snug wrap around my baby.

Where did I buy it?

I bought it online through the Nui Organic website. They had a deal that if you spend over $100 they will ship overseas for free.

Muslin swaddling wraps

Why do I love it?

These are an essential item for swaddling for my baby. I also use them as a burp cloth and as a cuddly for my baby in his pram.

Where did I buy it?

I bought mine in Australia, but they are also available from Blossom39 baby shop in Daikanyama or online in Japan.

Grobag baby sleeping bag

Why do I love it?

Once my baby starts sleeping in a cot (which will be very soon), these Grobags will become an essential item for safe and comfortable sleeping. They keep baby warm, and no risk of him kicking his sheets off or of his sheets covering his head.

Where did I buy it?

I bought mine in Australia, but haven’t been able to find them in Japan yet. They can be bought online and shipped to Japan, for example through the Baby Central HK website.

Bebe au Lait nursing cover

Why do I love it?

When my baby was born I wasn’t planning on using a nursing cover, however I soon realised that my muslin wrap was not giving me the coverage I needed to feel comfortable with breastfeeding in public. My friend recommended the Bebe au Lait nursing cover so I decided to buy one. It is really fantastic and now I feel totally comfortable with breastfeeding anywhere – be it in a cafe or restaurant, on the train or plane. It has also come in handy as my baby has become easily distracted while breastfeeding, so the nursing cover helps to shield him from people and noises around us so he can focus on feeding. I also found it invaluable while traveling overseas to block out the bright lights in the airport and help my baby to sleep.

Where did I buy it?

Online from Amazon Japan.

 Other practical products I use in Japan

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