Typhoon coming to Tokyo Sep 2019
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Typhoon coming to Tokyo – 3 Safety Tips

Update: As of 8pm Sunday 8th Sep 2019, some of the train lines in Tokyo have announced that they will stop the trains due to the typhoon. They say they plan to start the trains again at 8am on Monday 9th Sep. However, please note that even if the trains start at 8am, the train stations and platforms will be SUPER crowded. So I recommend to stay at home on Monday morning, or if you are traveling here stay inside or close to your hotel. Take care!

A big typhoon is coming to Tokyo tomorrow (8th Sep 2019)!

September and October is typhoon season, but the typhoons don’t usually pass directly through Tokyo. So this typhoon is quite rare.

Here are some important tips to be aware of if you are in Tokyo tomorrow when the typhoon hits.

3 Safety Tips when Typhoon comes to Tokyo

1.Check Japanese Weather forecast

Check the Japanese weather channel!

I recommend to NOT trust the weather channels from overseas, because in my experience they usually don’t explain enough detail and it is usually delayed.

The Japanese weather forecasts are much better – they are super accurate and they have live updates particularly if there is a typhoon or a storm coming. So make sure you switch on your Japanese TV channel, check Yahoo Japan Weather on the internet, or ask the hotel staff for updates if you are staying in a hotel.

Check the images below for tips for how to understand the Japanese weather forecast.

2.Stay inside

Typhoons are dangerous. There will be torrential rain and very strong gale-force winds.

So make sure you stay inside with your kids during and after the typhoon.

Even after the typhoon, make sure you avoid parks and rivers, because tree branches could still fall down and the rivers may be flooded.

3.Reschedule your itinerary

This is something you should do as soon as you hear that a typhoon is coming.

Make sure you cancel any plans that you had!

It is very dangerous during a typhoon, and also the trains and buses may be stopped (or delayed).

If there has been any damage to the train tracks, or debris needs to be cleaned up, this always causes delays to the trains.

And you can imagine with the millions of people living in Tokyo and trying to commute to work the next morning, the train stations become packed with people! It is often so crowded and everything comes to a standstill.

So it is usually safer to cancel your plans and stay inside until well after the typhoon has passed.

Typhoon coming to Tokyo Sep 2019
This is a common image showing the path of the typhoon. If you know the map of Japan, then you can understand where it will hit. The numbers 8日 9日 mean the days of the week. So the typhoon will pass through Tokyo on 8th and 9th September 2019.
Typhoon 15 coming to Tokyo, 8 Sep 2019
This image shows the typhoon coming
How to understand Typhoon diagram in Japan
I have added translations on this chart so you can see the key points. Often in Japan they show this type of diagram on the trains too (on the train TV). So it is important to be alert and take note of what it is saying, because it is an excellent source of information. The red arrows are the strong wind ,and the blue arrows are the heavy rain. “Kanto” means Tokyo area. Same as the image above, the numbers 8日 9日 mean the 8th (Sunday) and 9th (Monday) September. If you see this diagram, make sure you stay indoors during these peak times with the strong wind and heavy rain. It is important to stay inside with your kids and keep safe!

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