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Kyoto Guide: Organic baby-friendly cafe in Kyoto

This cafe is literally hidden in a backstreet in Kyoto. I was SO excited when I found it!

We were in Kyoto during the cherry blossom season, but this particular day was cool and rainy. We had arrived back from Arashiyama early (about 1pm) and we couldn’t check into our hotel yet. So I left the bags at the hotel and we decided to walk to the Kyoto Pokemon Center (because my kids LOVE Pokemon!).

On the way my kids and I started getting HUNGRY! So I was on the look out for a cafe to have lunch.

Then I spotted the outside of this cafe which looked nice on the outside. They had quiche on the menu which is always a good sign!

So I decided to open the door and see what it was like on the inside.

To my amazement, it was absolutely beautiful on the inside!

It was like an old renovated Japanese house, and the atmosphere was so warm and friendly! The place was packed. There was a cute kitchen with about 3-4 Japanese ladies in there cooking up a storm. And out the back was a Japanese inner garden which gave this lovely contrast between the dark brown wood of the Japanese house and the green of the moss and plants in the garden.

The staff immediately welcomed me and my kids in, and they also said I could bring in my stroller, but I decided to leave it outside because the kids were awake and I didn’t really need it.

They showed us to a table on the second floor. We walked up a tiny staircase, and it was so lovely upstairs. The whole place was very homely and traditional Japanese but also had a lovely clean modern style.

Make sure you visit this cafe if you are in Kyoto (near Kawaramachi Station).


  • Name: Cafe Marble (Bukkoji)
  • Type of food: Western style (quiche, salad, etc.)
  • Address: Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward, 高倉東入ル西前町378
  • Stroller friendly: Yes (but you will need to keep it on the ground floor of the cafe because the second floor can only be reached by a small staircase)
  • Diaper change table: No (the toilet was tiny, but if you need to change diapers, I recommend to ask the staff as I am sure they have a space for you to use at the back of the cafe. The staff were very kind and welcoming to children).
  • Website link
  • Google map link
Cafe Marble Kyoto entrance
Cafe Marble Bukkoji entrance
Cafe Marble Kyoto
We had lunch on the second floor. It was a lovely old Japanese house that had been renovated into a cafe, but it still kept the old feel of the traditional Japanese house. So cute!
Cafe Marble Kyoto delicious food
The food was delicious and very healthy. Organic style with salad, quiche, sandwiches, etc.
Cafe Marble Kyoto inner garden section
Beautiful inner garden at the back of the cafe
Cafe Marble Kyoto inner garden
So beautiful! I LOVE inner gardens in Japan. This was actually next to the toilet, so I enjoyed looking at the garden while I was waiting for my kids 🙂

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