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Kyoto Guide: Cheap Boutique hotel near Kiyomizudera

This was the best hotel so far that I’ve stayed in Kyoto!

It was in a unique location directly in the middle of the Kiyomizudera Temple, Sannenzaka, and Ninenzaka.

The hotel was new, modern, clean, super friendly staff, child-friendly, AND had the most amazing rooftop view of the Pagoda.

If you are looking for a boutique-style hotel located in a local area, walking distance to hundreds of temples, popular sightseeing spots, and shops, then I highly recommend staying here!

Key Points:


This hotel is walking distance to the following places:

  • Kiyomizudera Temple
  • Sannenzaka Steps
  • Ninenzaka
  • Hokanji Pagoda
  • Kodaiji Temple
  • Kyoto River
  • Mariyama Park

This is fantastic if you want to minimize catching public transport with your kids. You can simply walk everywhere!

It is also convenient if you want to easily go back to the hotel for breaks with your kids in between sightseeing.

My routine was:

  • 6:30am – Go out in the early morning with my kids for a walk (this was great to see the sites before the tourists arrived!
  • 8:30am – Breakfast at the local cafe
  • 9:30am – Rest and play at the hotel
  • 11:00am – Early lunch at nearby restaurant. If the kids were happy, I would do another sightseeing spot.
  • 12:00noon – Back to the hotel for daytime nap
  • 4:00pm – Go outside for another sightseeing spot and early dinner
  • 7:00pm – Back to the hotel to rest and sleep

2.Rooftop view:

The amazing pagoda of Hokanji Temple could be seen from our room window as well as the rooftop! See the photos below!

It was absolutely amazing.

The rooftop has a high fence with netting around it, so it is also safe for kids!

3. Friendly staff

The staff were super friendly and very kind to my kids. They let me store my pram behind the counter on the ground floor (so I didn’t have to carry it up the stairs to the room).

They also offered me a ground floor apartment, but I chose to stay with the 2nd floor as it had a better view of the pagoda.

The lounge in the entrance is gorgeous and they serve cocktails there in the evening! Perfect place to relax with your kids after a day of sightseeing.


RC Hotel Kyoto outside
This is the outside of the hotel It is the tall building behind the cafe. This cafe is super cool – it serves coffee and green tea smoothies. Cool place to hang out and safe for your kids to play too as it is off the road.
RC Hotel Kyoto
This is there super friendly staff! They were so kind and really went out of their way to help me and the kids. They booked a taxi for me and also provided guidance whenever I needed
RC Hotel Kyoto room
This is the twin room. It has a lounge area with wooden floorboards. Gorgeous!
RC Hotel Kyoto desk
Cute desk and chair. Love the design. They also gave us a welcome package!
RC Hotel Kyoto gift box
This is the welcome package. Dressing gowns and inside the box was amenities and some gifts.
RC Hotel Kyoto twin bedroom
The twin beds were quite narrow (2 single beds) but they were sufficient!
RC Hotel Kyoto view of pagoda
This is the view of the pagoda outside our room. It was so beautiful! I thoroughly enjoyed sitting there watching it. My kids had daily afternoon naps, so I sat there and soaked up the view with my cup of tea. heaven!
RC Hotel Kyoto view of Yasaka Pagoda
The pagoda is lit up at night time, so it is also a stunning view from your room!
RC Hotel Kyoto with kids
Another angle showing the view of the pagoda. :)))
RC Hotel Kyoto shower
The shower was a lovely design with black and white tiles. It was brand new. Although there wasn’t a bath, my kids still enjoyed taking a shower as it was so much fun
RC Hotel Kyoto rooftop
This is the view of the rooftop. It had a huge fence and netting so I felt safe with the kids. LOVED the view! We went up there at sunrise and sunset. It was so beautiful
RC Hotel Kyoto sunrise at pagoda
This was directly outside the hotel. My kids woke up at sunrise, so we ventured out and this was the view. No tourists! The best time to do some early sightseeing before it gets crowded.

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