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Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba with kids – amazing view and pool!

5 Tips to stay at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Hotel in Odaiba!

Is this you?

  • Are you flying into Haneda Airport and looking for a convenient hotel?
  • Or maybe you are planning to visit Teamlab Borderless, and want to stay somewhere nearby?
  • Or maybe you will be visiting Tokyo in summer and looking for a great child-friendly hotel with a swimming pool?

Then make sure you stay at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Odaiba hotel!

It was absolutely amazing! We had a wonderful time.

5 Key Points:

1.Close to Haneda Airport

I recently booked our flight to Australia departing from Haneda Airport. The flight was leaving at 10pm at night, so I was worried about my kids being tired and thought it might be a good idea to stay in a hotel the night before.

I searched the airport hotels, and looked at late checkout. They were quite booked out, so I widened my search to the other airports in the area. That’s when I found the Grand Nikko hotel at nearby Odaiba!

It is just 30min shuttle bus from the Haneda International airport to the hotel (it stops at the domestic terminals on the way). Technically it is just a 10min car ride, so if you wanted to go by taxi this would be faster.

Also, I got late check-out. If you check-out at 3pm, it costs 30% more. If you check-out before 6pm, it costs 50% more. I compared the prices for late checkout with the other airport hotels, and the Grand Nikko was more affordable. So this was great!

2.Gorgeous Swimming Pool

Other than my first priorities being close to Haneda Airport and late checkout, my next priority was a swimming pool!

It is SUPER hot and humid in Tokyo in August, and I wanted to enjoy this special time with my kids. I saw the swimming pool on the Grand Nikko hotel website and was immediately keen!

The pool was even more amazing than the pictures on the website. The pool was a beautiful aqua colour, really friendly staff, and they also had a smaller pool for younger kids. Children need to be over 3 years old to enter the pool, so that is the only limitation if you have a baby or toddler. But if your kids are over 3 years, then it is perfect.

The pool also had a restaurant and bar, and free floaties for the younger kids. My daughter used the floaties constantly which gave her more independency with swimming which was great.

3.Close to Shops

Just a short 3min walk from the hotel you will find the Aqua City Shopping Mall. This was fantastic! It is located right next to the Statue of Liberty.

It has Toys r us and Babies r us, which is packed with toys, baby clothing, shoes, diapers, milk formula, maternity wear, and much more.

It is very hard to buy nappies in Tokyo! If you have my Tokyo Guide, this includes a list of where you can buy them! If you are in Odaiba, you can buy them at this store which is very convenient. I recommend buying enough nappies to last your trip in Japan, as it is hard to find them at regular stores!

4.Amazing View of Tokyo Bay

The view from our hotel room was so beautiful – both during the day and at night. We were very lucky to have a great view of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge, so I thoroughly enjoyed watching it from our window!

In the morning I decided to get room service for breakfast, so I could sit there and enjoy watching the view while my kids were watching the Japanese kids channel on TV. Happy mummy!

5.Teamlab borderless

If you are planning to visit Teamlab Borderless with your kids, I highly recommend staying here at Odaiba. Especially if you have a baby or young kids!

The reason is that (in my experience) Odaiba is far from the city and it is hard to get there with a stroller. There are not many elevators and there is alot of walking involved. And babies and young kids usually get tired quickly, so it can be exhausting trying to get back to the city after big trip to Teamlab. So I highly recommend to stay at the hotel for 1-2 nights, to make it easier for yourselves and more stress-free!


Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba swimming pool
This is the amazing outdoor swimming pool at Grand Nikko Hotel on the 4th Floor. They allow kids 3 years and older, and there is also a kiddy pool available. So beautiful! It also has a pool bar, cafe, and views of the rainbow bridge.
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba swimming pool kids
The pool has floaties available for free, which was fantastic for my daughter! She couldn’t touch the bottom of the big pool, so it was great that she could use these red arm floaties which gave her alot of indepdency to swim around. There are also lifeguards on patrol all the time, so it feels very safe and friendly.
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba swimming pool having fun
Having fun! It was 34 degrees in Tokyo this day, so it was a relief to be able to swim around in the pool!
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba swimming pool toddler
This is the kiddy pool available for younger kids. It was like a bath! Lovely warm water and the lifeguards were constantly filling it up with fresh water. The young kids loved it!
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba twin room view
This is our hotel room! We got a twin room and were lucky to get an amazing view of Tokyo Bay and the rainbow bridge. It was beautiful! The room was large and had a huge bath too which was great.
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba view
This is the view from our hotel room. Beautiful! I could also see Tokyo Tower on the other side of the bay. I enjoyed watching all the lights at night! The pink building is the Aqua shopping center that has Toys r us, Babies r us, and lots of restaurants with kids menus. Very convenient!
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba breakfast twin room
Breakfast! We got room service which was amazing. I was so tired and didn’t feel like going out for breakfast, so we got room service. I really enjoyed sitting here watching the view while having my cup of tea!
Grand Nikko Hotel Odaiba room service breakfast
Breakfast room service. We ordered Eggs Benedict and the French Toast. It was delicious

Have fun in Tokyo with your baby and children!

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