Kyoto Guide Kodaiji Temple with kids weeping cherry blossom
Traveling in Japan with a baby

Kyoto Guide: Kodaiji Temple with kids

It was my dream to see the famous weeping cherry blossom tree at Kodaiji Temple. And last month I was lucky to see it!

It was absolutely beautiful.

AND crazy of course with kids in tow >< !

The courtyard that has the cherry blossom tree is a very quiet tranquil place. Many people simply sit there and meditate for a while.

But with kids in tow who want to run around, it is obviously impossible to be quiet, let alone meditate! haha

BUT we did manage to enjoy this amazing location AND keep as quiet as a mouse.

Here is how!

Watch the video and check my 5 tips below!

1.Go early

You could go later when there are more crowds, in which case you don’t have to worry as much about the noise.

But I do recommend going early in the morning when it is less crowded.

The reason is because then you don’t have to spend the whole time chasing your kids and trying to find them in the crowds!

I found it much more peaceful and relaxing simply enjoying watching the cherry blossoms, while allowing my kids to explore a little.

2.Bring quiet toys

I always bring quiet toys for my kids when we visit shrines and temples.

For example – origami kit, cards, books, ponies.

Origami is always a hit with my kids, and with me!

I enjoy sitting there with them while making origami, and it makes for great photos too! It always allows me to glance at the amazing shrines and temples while making the origami, so I can also enjoy the view in peace!

3.Bring snacks

Kodaiji Temple is situated on a large area and has many temple buildings and natural landscape places.

See the photo below for a great spot to sit down and have a snack with your kids (it is located on left hand side after you buy your ticket).

4.Be quick

I think we spent about 10min in the courtyard looking at the cherry blossom tree.

I would have LOVED to spend longer there to absorb everything, but with kids it’s often good to keep moving.

So unless your kids are sleeping in the pram, I recommend to spend about 10-15min in the courtyard area. Any longer than that, and they will probably start fidgeting and wanting to run around again!

5.Take lots of photos and videos

Even though we only spent 10min in the courtyard looking at the cherry blossom tree, I tried to take as many photos and videos as possible!

This was so important for me to keep the photos as a wonderful memory of what we saw. Even though it was brief, I could always look back at the photos and videos to enjoy.


Watch the video below!

Kyoto Guide Kodaiji Temple with kids cherry blossom tree
The famous weeping cherry blossom tree in Kodaiji Temple. It was stunning
Kyoto Guide Kodaiji Temple with kids cherry blossom
Love how the cherry blossom branches reach down to the white stones on the ground. There were many people meditating or simply sitting and watching the branches moving in the breeze.
Kyoto Guide Kodaiji Temple with kids
This is the first view of the cherry blossom tree as you enter the building. It is a popular view – many people were lining up to take this photo! I saw some babies crawling on the carpet and getting in the shot. Haha. Many mums trying to keep their babies out of the way of the photographers

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