Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park
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Mt Fuji Guide: Huge kids park and playground in Kawaguchiko

Are you planning to visit Kawaguchiko and wondering where your kids can play in between sightseeing?

This park is huge and has a wonderful playground perfect for all ages!

Key points:

1.How to get there

I didn’t have a car, so we caught a taxi there and back from our hotel. It was only about 10min from Kawaguchiko Station.

Note that there is no vending machine or phone booth at this park. So if you want to catch a taxi back after playing, you will need to call a taxi or call your hotel and ask them to reserve a taxi to pick you up.

Extra tip – when I asked my hotel to reserve a taxi, they didn’t know what park I was talking about! I think the name is different in English and Japanese, so make sure you explain to your hotel before you go and show them the park on the map. This is important to avoid any miscommunication.

2.Take food with you

There are no shops or vending machines at this park, so make sure you take plenty of food and water with you! It is a great park for a picnic, and it has ALOT of beautiful cherry blossoms (great if you visit in April), so it is wonderful to relax there for a few hours.


  • Name: Kawaguchiko Park (Other names: Chibiko no hiroba)
  • Address: Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi
  • Google map link
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park
You can see the top of Mt Fuji from the park!
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park playground
There are many types of playground equipment suited for all ages from babies and toddlers to older kids
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park kids playground
My daughter LOVED this climbing playground!
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park
Lots of challenges for the the adventurous kids:)
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park
My son is scared of heights, but he didn’t mind this one!
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park cherry blossom trees
These are cherry blossom trees. It would have been beautiful when they were in bloom!
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko Park sandpit
There is also a sandpit with view of Mt Fuji!

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