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Mt Fuji Guide: Child-friendly budget hotel with fantastic view of Mt Fuji

If you are looking for a hotel with a FANTASTIC view of Mt Fuji from your bedroom and won’t break your budget, then this is perfect!

This hotel was so awesome, I stayed here for 3 nights with my kids in Golden Week.

Key points:

1.View of Mt Fuj

This hotel has larger family rooms with bunk beds, but it is the double room that has the view of Mt Fuji. So I booked the double room and camped there with the kids. It was awesome!

My daughter actually caught a cold, so one of the days we stayed in the hotel room and played board games. This didn’t worry me though to be missing out on sightseeing, because I could enjoy the view of Mt Fuji from our balcony the whole time!

The carpark also has a lookout and cherry blossom tree to take picturesque photos of Mt Fuji.

I also took early morning walks with my kids which was so beautiful because it is in the countryside and every turn we could see Mt Fuji. It was stunning!

2.Shuttle bus

The hotel has a fantastic shuttle bus service that takes you to and from:

  • Kawaguchiko Station
  • Fuji-Q Highlands
  • Subaru Land (kids play land)
  • Sylvan’s restaurant
  • Onsen

I didn’t have a car, so we used this free shuttle service every day!

The staff were super friendly, and picked me and the kids up even outside of their service hours.If you don’t have a phone, you can ask the Tourist Information center at Kawaguchiko Station and they will call the hotel for you so they can come and pick you up.

Very convenient!

3.Kitchen facilities

The room has a fridge, kettle and cups. There is also a communal area with microwave, toaster and vending machines.

This was very convenient. I brought weetbix (cereal) and teabags with me, so I could make my cup of tea and weetbix for the kids in the morning. The microwave is great if you just want to heat up a bento box or if you have a baby, it is great to heat up your baby food.


There are many restaurants in the area which was great. We went to Sylvan’s one night, and another day we simply had dinner at the station. This was great variety for the kids (my kids really enjoy rice dishes, udon noodles, chicken, and kids meals) so I would choose restaurants that served food that they can eat and enjoy.


  • Name: Fujizakura Inn
  • Address: 3234 Funatsu, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi
  • How to get there: Catch train to Kawaguchiko Station. Then you can walk to the hotel (10min) or catch shuttle bus (ask at the Tourist Information Service at Kawaguchiko Station to book the free shuttle bus).
  • Google map link
  • Website: I booked on

Watch the video below!

Watch the video to see inside our room!
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko child-friendly hotel view from our room
This is the view from our room!
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko child-friendly hotel room
I booked the double room as this has the view of Mt Fuji from the window. There were larger rooms with bunk beds, but some of the rooms didn’t have the view. Make sure you check when you book
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko child-friendly hotel room
This is the entrance to our room. It had a space for our shoes and also a great bench space with kettle, hairdryer, fridge, etc. The microwave and toaster are located in the communal area on the ground floor.
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko child-friendly hotel bathroom
The bathroom was small but sufficient:)
Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko child-friendly hotel view from carpark
This is the stunning view from the carpark! Just outside our room window. It was beautiful

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