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Mt Fuji Guide: Cheap child-friendly boutique-style hotel with rooftop view

Are you looking for cheap accommodation in Kawaguchiko? This new hotel is modern, clean, and great for kids!

We stayed here last weekend when we went to see the Chureito Pagoda.

It is actually promoted as a hostel, but it was so beautiful it felt more like a boutique hotel!

Key points:

1.Close to Chureito Pagoda:

I actually chose this hotel because it is close to the station AND close to Chureito Pagoda which was our major mission for the trip.

I planned to walk up the mountain at sunrise, so I knew it would be important to stay somewhere close to make it easier with the kids!

We ended up catching a taxi in the morning from the hotel to the entrance of the Chureito Pagoda, which was just a 10min taxi ride (about 1,500yen). It was perfect!

2.New and modern

I LOVED the minimalist design in this hotel. All the details – from the modern lighting to the cool wooden bunk beds and tatami floor, were all beautiful and made our stay all the more special.

3.Kitchen facilities

If you are hoping to make your own breakfast and snacks for your baby or children, then this is perfect. They also have crockery and cutlery, so you can borrow this and simply clean up afterwards.

4.Rooftop View

This was one of the big reasons I chose this hotel, was for the view! It was fantastic and we had a wonderful time looking at Mt Fuji both at sunrise and sunset.

Some things to consider:


The walls were thin! I had to remind my kids to be quiet as it was like a Japanese ryokan with paper-thin walls >< So this is something to consider.


The rooftop garden was fantastic, but I did worry about my kids and kept an eye on them at all times. If you have a toddler, I would hold onto their hand at all times, as the fence had some gaps that I didn’t feel were child-safe! Because of the safety aspect, I didn’t spend too much time up on the rooftop because I felt I couldn’t relax. So we just went up to see the sunrise and sunset and take some photos. Otherwise it was wonderful!

3.Share bathroom

This hotel is technically a hostel, so like many Japanese ryokans, it has a shared bathroom. It had 3 shower cubicles with locked doors, so it was easy to go in one of the cubicles with my kids and they could have a shower one by one. I felt it was safe and it is such a small hotel, that we actually never really bumped into any of the other guests!


  • Hotel Name: Hostel 1889
  • Address: 2 Chome-6-3 Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi
  • Website – I booked on
  • Google map link
Hostel 1889 bunk bed room
The rooms had awesome bunk beds! My kids LOVED playing in them! Definitely got a good hour of playing here:)
Hostel 1889 entrance
The staff were very friendly and helpful. There is coffeee and tea available in the entrance too
Hostel 1889 interior
Love the interior design! Love all the colours and details. It really made our stay all the more enjoyable!
Hostel 1889 room
Love these room numbers! So cute!
Hostel 1889 share bathroom
This is the share bathroom. The bathroom on the second floor is for women only, which was great for me and the kids!
Hostel 1889 rooftop view
We had a great time popping up to the rooftop for the sunrise and sunset! Such an amazing view
Hostel 1889 rooftop fun
Bubbles were a great way to have fun on the rooftop! I was worried about my kids running around, so the bubbles helped to keep them in one place while I enjoyed the view of Mt Fuji!! Ha
Hostel 1889 view from the rooftop
Mummy having a bit of fun:)

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