Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
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Kyoto Guide: Child-friendly restaurant in Arashiyama

I was SO lucky to find this restaurant! They were super child-friendly, helped me carry my pram up the stairs, AND had toys for the kids. It was awesome!

We were exhausted after our day of sightseeing, and I was worried about finding a restaurant even open because the hotel staff said all the restaurants close early at 6pm!

So we quickly went out in search of dinner. I initially started walking down the main street, but all the shops were starting to shut and it was still crowded with tourists.

I then detoured off down alongside the river, and was outside this restaurant when the staff kindly came over to me and showed me the menu.

They explained they have kids meals, so I said “Yes!” straight away! haha

The man kindly helped me carry my stroller upstairs. I was happy to leave it downstairs, but he insisted to carry it up. So sweet!

The restaurant was empty so we were SO lucky! We got the best seat by the windows overlooking the river. The food was fantastic and they even had a toy for the kids. We were all happy!

Key points:

  • Child-friendly: yes
  • Stroller-friendly: yes
  • Kids meals: Yes (includes a toy)
  • High chairs available: Yes


  • Name of restaurant: Seisyuan (清修庵)
  • Address: 2F 37-1 Sagatenryuji Tsukurimichicho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto
  • Google map link

Watch the video! (this is an unlisted video on my Youtube channel for members only)

Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of this building alongside the river. You will see a souvenir shop and ice-cream shop on the ground floor. There are stairs at the back of the shop that go up to the restaurant!
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
We were SO lucky to get this fantastic Japanese table next to the window with a view of the river! It was sunset so it was absolutely beautiful
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
The restaurant was very easy-going and friendly staff. Just what I needed after a day of sightseeing!
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
The restaurant also has table seating and baby chairs
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
My kids were SUPER excited to get a free toy with their meal! This is one of the best things about kids meals in Japan.
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant kids meals
This is the kids meal – rice, meat, egg, tomato, juice
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant tempura
I had the tempura on rice. It was delicious!
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant baby chairs
There are high chairs available if you need!
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant icecream
After dinner, we went downstairs for an ice-cream
Arashiyama child friendly restaurant
Hooray! Happy kids and happy mummy

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