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Kyoto Guide: Child-friendly cafe in Arashiyama with toys and kids space

If you are visiting Arashiyama with a baby, toddler or young kids, make sure you go to this cafe!

They have a gorgeous kids space with toys so your children can enjoy playing while you have a much needed cup of tea! ­čÖé

I found this cafe on the first day we arrived in Arashiyama.

We had checked out of our hotel near Kyoto Station at 11am, and then caught the train to “Saga Arashiyama Station” at 11:30am. So by the time we arrived in Arashiyama it was lunch time and my kids were hungry! Plus the train was crowded, so my kids were tired after the train ride and in need of a break and some quiet play time.

As soon as I walked into the cafe I felt “this is awesome!” My kids immediately spotted the toys and started to play, which gave me time to choose some bread and order a cup of tea.

Key points:

  • Friendly: The staff were super friendly and made me feel welcome. This is always a welcome relief when traveling in Japan with kids! Sometimes cafes are not child friendly, so it is always a moment of happiness to walk into a cafe and feel welcome there.
  • Stroller: I was going to leave my stroller outside, but it had all my bags in it and my valuables. So I decided to bring it into the cafe. The staff didn’t mind me parking my stroller next to the entrance on the inside (next to the sliding door), so I was really grateful.
  • Food: The bread is delicious and so fresh! I got my kids the raisin bread and a glass of milk each. I also got the chicken sandwich and a tea. It was all wonderful and immediately made us all feel better after the train ride.
  • Toys: There were alot of great kids toys like Anpanman and Toy Story. The book shelf also has some lovely cook books which I enjoyed looking at!
  • Toilet: The cafe has a large toilet, however no diaper changing table. So if you need to change nappies, I recommend to take your stroller into the toilet and do it there in the stroller, or go to the nearby public toilet and use the diaper-change table (however note the public toilets are often crowded in Arashiyama).

Details and links:

  • Cafe name: Marche
  • Address: 5-3 Sagatenry┼źji Kitatsukurimichich┼Ź, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto
  • Google map link

Make sure you visit here if you are in Arashiyama! I also bought more bread rolls and sandwiches to keep as snacks for the hotel for later.

Arashiyama Marche bread shop cafe entrance
This is the entrance to the cafe. If you are walking from Saga Arashiyama Station, you will turn right to Arashiyama and you’ll see the cafe on the right-hand side.
Arashiyama Marche bread shop
Lots of fresh bread and sandwiches
Arashiyama Marche bread shop cafe kids
I got my kids the raisin rolls and cups of milk. Delicious! You can see my stroller parked beside the entrance. If your stroller is smaller, you could also take it with you into the cafe area.
Arashiyama Marche bread shop cafe
Cute toy area for the kids to play
Arashiyama Marche bread shop cafe toilet
This is the toilet which doesn’t have a diaper change table, but it is large enough to take your stroller in

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