Arashiyama breakfast cafe
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Kyoto Guide: Baby-friendly cafe in Arashiyama

This is the only cafe in Arashiyama that opens early for breakfast! AND it is baby friendly!

Make sure you come here for breakfast/brunch with your baby and kids. It is gorgeous and the food is delicious!

It has a diaper change table in the toilets, so it is perfect if you have a baby or toddler.

The cafe opened just over a year ago, so it is new and very modern while still having a Japanese feel with the green garden and ambience.

After we went to the bamboo forest, we came straight here for breakfast. I was surprised how modern it was! The outside of the building is a black wall, so I was really pleasantly surprised when I walked in and found how open and and bright and child friendly it is!


Arashiyama Yado cafe outside
The cafe has a big black wall on the outside and you’ll never realize it has a beautiful cafe in the inside! They also have hotel rooms on the 2nd floor.
Arashiyama Yado cafe lounge
My kids chose the lounge seats by the window. It was so relaxing and had such a lovely view of the garden out the back
Arashiyama Yado cafe kids
My kids enjoyed reading the kids books while eating their breakfast
Arashiyama Yado cafe breakfast
I ordered the morning set and the french toast. It was delicious!
Arashiyama Yado cafe fireplace
Love this fireplace setting
Arashiyama Yado cafe
Happy mummy and kids after our big walk in the bamboo forest!
Arashiyama Yado cafe toilet
Diaper change table available in the toilet

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