Arashiyama bamboo grove with kids
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Kyoto Guide: Arashiyama bamboo forest with kids

Are you planning to visit the Arashiyama bamboo grove with your baby or kids? Make sure you read my tips below!

Key points:

  • Go early: We went there at 7am (we stayed overnight at a hotel – see my post here – so it was easy to walk there in the early morning), but there were already people there taking photos! There are many professional photographers, so if you want to take photos without the crowds in the shot, it is best to go before 7am. The other 2 benefits of going early is a) your kids can run around freely without you worrying about losing them, and b) it is much easier to navigate with a stroller if it is not crowded. Note that the bamboo forest is open 24 hours because it is like a public road, so you can honestly go there at any time.
  • How to get there: We actually felt a little lost trying to walk there in the early morning, because there were no crowds to follow! Ha. It is a bit of a maze to get to the bamboo grove, so make sure you follow the map below.
  • Toilets: There is a toilet at the exit of the bamboo grove. After you exit, turn left and you will see a big park called “Kameyama Koen” which has a toilet. If you walk further down to the river (follow the path) there is another toilet with a diaper change table. See the map below (toilets are marked in red).
  • Stroller: The bamboo grove is very stroller-friendly, so it is easy to walk around. The only steps I encountered was after the bamboo grove (when we walked down to the river). But this was a gentle slope so I simply went down slowly with the stroller on the back wheels!
  • Food: There are no cafes in the bamboo grove or in the Kameyama Koen park, so make sure you bring snacks with you if you plan to hang out there and play with your kids. When you walk down to the river, there are some vending machines and the lovely coffee shop. See my post here!


Watch the video below! (this video is unlisted on my Youtube channel for members only)

3 Steps and tips for enjoying Arashiyama Bamboo Forest with kids and a baby!
Arashiyama bamboo forest with kids amazing
Amazing! Actually this was the smaller bamboo forest. There was an even bigger one around the corner!
Arashiyama bamboo forest with kids fun
This is us being silly!
Arashiyama bamboo forest with kids photo
Because we went there early at 7am, we could enjoy a good 30min of hanging out before the crowds of tourists started to arrive. It’s a great chance to take some photos in this amazing forest!
Arashiyama bamboo forest with kids cherry blossoms
After the bamboo forest, you will walk out into this amazing park with cherry blossoms!
Arashiyama bamboo forest walking map
Walking map from the Saga Arashiyama Station, through the bamboo forest, to the park and down to the river! This is the walk we did (but our starting point was our hotel)
Arashiyama Komeyama Park sign
This is the sign in the Komeyama Park as you exit the bamboo grove. There is a Children’s park, but we didn’t manage to get there! My kids were hungry so we continued back to the river and the town.
Arashiyama Kameyama Park toilet
This is the toilet as you come back down from Kameyama Park to the river. It has a diaper change table and vending machines
Arashiyama Kameyama Park toilet diaper table
This is the diaper change table in the all-purpose toilet

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