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Kyoto Guide: Amazing hotel in Arashiyama with river view

If you are planning to visit Arashiyama and you have a baby or kids in tow, I highly recommend to stay at least 1 night!

The reason is that Arashiyama is SO crowded, that I guarantee you will enjoy it much more if you stay overnight and have time to relax and enjoy this lovely town in the morning and evening when it is not crowded.

Most tourists go to Arashiyama for just a day trip (from Kyoto), so if you stay overnight, the mornings are practically empty if you go out around 7-9am, and the evenings are also quiet after 6pm as most of the restaurants and shops close early at around 5pm.

I chose this hotel because of the view!

It has an amazing view of the river and gorgeous Japanese style lounge, bedroom, as well as a Japanese hot spa.


Arashiyama hotel bedroom
We had a huge room with twin beds pushed together. It had an amazing view from every window!
Arashiyama hotel bedroom window
The kids LOVED sitting up on the window ledge and looking out at the river. Very beautiful!
Arashiyama hotel bathroom
My daughter exploring the bath tub! Afterwards we filled it up and had a bubble bath. So much fun!
Arashiyama hotel powder room
The room was huge and had a separate area outside the bathroom and a separate toilet.
Arashiyama hotel river view
Amazing view!
Arashiyama hotel river view
These boats were outside our window – they use these boats for the river cruise, and there was a crane that picked them up and put them on the back of the truck to take them back up the top of the river again!
Arashiyama hotel onsen
Enjoying the onsen!
Arashiyama hotel
All dressed up in Japanese bath robes after the onsen
Arashiyama hotel bath robes
Felling great after the onsen and ready to go out for more sightseeing!!

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