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Traveling in Japan with a baby

Spring in Japan! 30% OFF Coupon!

Big news!!!

To celebrate Spring in Japan and the launch of my new Kyoto Guide, I’m offering 30% OFF the Tokyo and Kyoto Guides “Full Package”!

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Do you want to enjoy Tokyo and Kyoto with your baby and kids with the least stress and the most fun?

Let me show you how!

Maybe you are:

  • Planning to visit Tokyo and Kyoto soon for vacation, but are worried about traveling in here with your baby.
  • Or you’ve been to Japan before, so you kind of know what to expect, but in the back of your mind you are anxious as this will be the first time with an infant in tow.
  • Or maybe you are moving to Japan soon and wondering how on earth you are going to navigate all the train stations and elevators Tokyo, not to mention how to find the baby-friendly cafes, sightseeing spots and playgrounds!


A clear, step-by-step plan for navigating Tokyo and locating the baby-friendly sightseeing spots, fashion shops, cafes, nursing rooms, and playgrounds.

A plan that will keep your baby happy, so you can enjoy this special time for YOU.

The Tokyo and Kyoto Guides Full Package can help you make this happen!

Includes The Tokyo Guide and Kyoto Guide eBooks (color PDF), which you can download and save on your PC, tablet and smartphone, including +250 locations in Tokyo and +60 locations in Kyoto of the following hot spots:

  • Baby-Friendly sightseeing
  • Child-friendly cafes and restaurants
  • Parks and playgrounds and secret rooftop gardens
  • Nursing room and diaper change tables
  • Baby-Friendly shopping

As well as essential tips:

  • Which train stations should I avoid with a stroller?
  • What happens if my baby gets sick?
  • Where can I find an English speaking pediatrician?
  • Where can I buy nappies?
  • Where can I buy baby food?
  • Plus maps of all the locations, and essential baby terms translated into Japanese to make your time in Tokyo a whole lot easier!

See the Full Package for more details!!

Tokyo and Kyoto Guides
Tokyo and Kyoto Guides Full Package

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