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Kyoto Guide: Early Cherry Blossoms 2019

Are you visiting Kyoto this cherry blossom season?

Maybe you are here now?

I am here right now with my kids and I just realized the cherry blossoms are later than last year!

So if you want to see cherry blossoms in bloom this weekend, make sure you visit Kyoto Gyoen Imperial Palace!

It is the only place that is in full bloom right now!!!


  1. Make sure you see my members-only post from last year which has all my tips about the playground and diaper changing tables. Click here to go straight to the blog post and video!
  2. Arrive early! I highly recommend to visit early in the morning to really enjoy with your kids. We went there this morning and it was absolutely beautiful. My kids woke up at 5am, so we got ready and caught a taxi there at 6am. It was perfect! There was absolutely no traffic, so we got there in a few minutes and only cost 1500yen (from Kyoto Station). After playing there for 2 hours and taking photos, we caught a taxi back to our hotel for breakfast and let the kids relax and play in our hotel room. Also gave me a chance to sit down and have a nice cup of tea!!
  3. There were a few cherry blossom trees in Kyoto Gyoen that weren’t blooming yet, so even if you go over the next 2 weeks, I am sure you will be able to enjoy as much as we did today!
Kyoto Gyoen weeping cherry blossoms
Beautiful weeping cherry blossoms! This is one of my favourite places for cherry blossoms! It is absolutely like a magical fairyland.
Kyoto Gyoen weeping cherry blossoms
There are little wooden fences around this ancient cherry blossom trees, but you can still take great photos and get up close!
Kyoto Gyoen weeping cherry blossoms
Cute photo under the cherry blossoms!
Kyoto Gyoen weeping cherry blossoms
Walking around with the stroller! Kyoto Gyoen is lovely and flat, perfect for strolling around with a pram!

I’ll be posting all my new finds for child-friendly Kyoto locations during our trip, so make sure you check them out!

Remember to click here for the playground in Kyoto Gyoen!

xoxo Kate

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