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Kyoto Guide: Cheap Child friendly hotel near Kyoto Station

We stayed at this hotel and it was great! Big spacious rooms, large enough to fit in my stroller and luggage, and lots of games for facilities for the kids.

If you are looking for a bright, spacious, relatively cheap, child-friendly hotel close to Kyoto Station, this is a great option!

Key features:

  • Location: 3min walk from Kyoto Station (JR side) which is very convenient. If you think your kids will be tired after the shinkansen, it is a great idea to stay at a hotel that is close to the station and restaurants, so you don’t have to worry too much!
  • Convenience: next door is a convenience store, and 3min walk to Kyoto Tower, which has a huge cafeteria on the basement level which has lots of options for dinner. Also across the road is Yodobashi Camera which has a big baby nursing room and kids clothing. Well worth a visit!
  • Spacious: this is actually hard to find a spacious hotel that is also relatively cheap. I have stayed at the APA hotel which is also convenient, but I found the rooms to be much smaller. So I appreciated the large spacious rooms of this hotel!


Kyoto Tower Annex Hotel front desk
The shelf next to the front desk has a huge variety of amenities that you can take for free! My kids loved taking some things, and they also borrowed the cute piggy pillows to play with in the room
Kyoto Tower Annex Hotel room
We got the twin room and pushed the beds together to make a king-size. It was perfect! The beds were very solid and didn’t separate during the night, so I could sleep without having to worry my kids would slip down the middle! 🙂
Kyoto Tower Annex Hotel twin room
The room was much more spacious that I expected, and easily fit in my pram and luggage.
Kyoto Tower Annex Hotel TV
The kids were tired after the shinkansen from Tokyo (as you can see in the photo! ha). So we quickly got some dinner and went straight to bed. The location of the hotel was great, close to restaurants and the convenience store.
Kyoto Tower Annex Hotel bath
The bathroom was the standard bath tub, similar size to a business hotel. I actually like these bathrooms as they are so compact and the kids love sitting in the little bath!
Kyoto Tower Annex Hotel - billiard
The hotel entrance (next to the breakfast area) has board games and toys, as well as this little billiard table. So cute! The kids LOVED playing it!

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