5 Tips for weekend in Yokohama with kids

5 Tips for weekend in Yokohama with kids

Are you thinking to visit Yokohama with your baby or kids?

I highly recommend to spend a weekend at the Yokohama port!

Not many people realize, but Yokohama is actually really big and it can be quite difficult to get around by walking.

This of course makes it extremely difficult if you have a baby and stroller in tow.

It is so difficult, that I actually avoided going to Yokohama for many years with my kids, because I would always get lost and then walk for miles and miles trying to find the location, and end up completely exhausted with crying children!!

This past weekend I decided to give it another go, because I was desperate for big skies and some fresh air! I had had a very busy week at work, so I as in much need of a weekend away.

I decided to book a hotel which was fantastic! This was definitely the highlight, and it made the whole trip even more enjoyable because we simply hung out around the area and enjoyed all the sites.

So if you are thinking to visit Yokohama and you want to enjoy with the least stress and the most fun, here are my tips!

  1. Stay in a hotel! As I mentioned above, we stayed at the Hotel New Grand which is directly located opposite the harbour. It was a fantastic location and had the most amazing view! Highly recommend staying here.
  2. Enjoy the sunset! (and the sunrise!) If it is a clear day, you can really enjoy the most amazing sunset either from your hotel room, or from the park by the port. There were many people down at the park enjoying an evening stroll, so it was a wonderful atmosphere and great for the kids.
  3. Play at the park! You can definitely enjoy simply playing at the park and having a picnic. There is also the Hikawamaru Ship which is fantastic! See my blog post here
  4. Enjoy dinner! We had dinner at Eggs ‘n Things which was next to our hotel! I LOVE this restaurant as it’s so child-friendly and has great food. To be honest, I prefer it for brunch, but this weekend we went there for dinner as it was so convenient. But the next morning it was absolutely packed and there was a huge lineup of people waiting for a table! So if you would like to go here for breakfast, make sure you get there early and lineup before it opens.
  5. Yokohama International Passenger Terminal – This is the huge terminal that looks like a whale! It is wonderful and huge and spacious, and your kids will absolutely LOVE running around on the wooden deck. There are toilets and diaper change tables underneath in the terminal too, so it is very convenient and easy to run down there if you need.

Make sure you watch the video below for more tips!

Make sure you watch the video for all the fun!
Yokohama with kids - view from Hotel New Grand
Loved the view of the harbour from our room at the Hotel New Grand!
Yokohama with kids - amazing view
Enjoying watching the view in my new Spring dress!
Soccer at the park in Yokohama
This huge grassy park is directly outside the Hotel New Grand, so it was fantastic! We went out there multiple times to play soccer and run around. My kids loved it!
Yokohama weekend with kids
This gorgeous fountain was also fun! Next to this is the sunken flower garden. Can’t wait to go back again in April and May to see all the roses!
Yokohama Osanbashi passenger terminal with kids
This is a must visit! The Yokohama “Osanbashi” international passenger terminal. It looks like a whale, and it is wonderful for kids to play! There are toilets and diaper change tables underneath in the terminal, so it is very convenient and great for families.
Yokohama port, 30min from Tokyo
This shows the location of where we stayed, just 30min from Tokyo!
Yokohama port map
Our hotel was located across the road from the NYK HIkawamaru ship, and just a short stroll to the Yokohama International Passenger terminal
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