Mt Fuji kid-friendly hotel with balcony view

Mt Fuji cottage hotel with balcony view

It was my birthday last week!

As a special treat, we went to see Mt Fuji and stayed in a wonderful hotel apartment with probably the best view of Mt Fuji ever!

One of my dreams was to sit and relax in a Japanese onsen while looking at Mt Fuji out the window, so I was so excited when I found this hotel!

Key Points:

  • Timing: The best time of the year to see Mt Fuji is in winter. This is when the sky is clearest and they say you will get at least one chance to view Mt Fuji every day. The weather and clouds around Mt Fuji really fluctuate, so even if it’s cloudy in Tokyo it may be clear skies at Mt Fuji (and visa versa). I find that the early morning (sunrise) has the highest chance to see Mt Fuji, so make sure you wake up early!
  • View: I chose to stay in this apartment hotel because of the amazing view from all the windows, balcony, and private onsen bath. There are other hotels around Kawaguchiko, but if you are looking for a room view, make sure you check the photos of each hotel and confirm that you indeed book a room with a view. The view is really different with each hotel, so make sure you check!
  • Transport: You can get to Kawaguchiko Station on the Narita Express (it passes through Shinjuku) which is a fantastic and fast way to get there. Especially if you have kids! Once we arrived at Kawaguchiko Station, we caught a taxi to the hotel.
  • Fireworks: There are fireworks every Saturday night during winter! It is amazing! The hotel association in the area all put in money together so they can have fireworks for the tourists. Mt Fuji is extremely popular in winter, so all the hotels are often booked out. Make sure you try to visit on the weekend so you can enjoy the fireworks! My kids loved it

Details of our hotel:

Video of inside the cottage and the view of Mt Fuji!
Mt Fuji kid-friendly hotel with view
Amazing view of Mt Fuji from the cottage balcony at sunrise
Mt Fuji kid-friendly hotel onsen with view.
This was my dream! To relax in a lovely spa with view of Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji view cottage with kids
This is the cottage from the outside. So cute! There are 2 apartments (downstairs and upstairs). We stayed in the upstairs apartment.
Mt Fuji view cottage with kids and pram
Amazing view of Mt Fuji from outside the cottage door
Mt Fuji view cottage with futon bed
We even had an amazing view from the futon beds! This apartment doesn’t have proper beds, so you will need to sleep on the Japanese futons on the floor. It is fun! A bit like camping. The kids LOVE it.
Mt Fuji view cottage with balcony
Every room in the cottage has an awesome view of Mt Fuji. It was truly amazing! I spent the whole time just taking in the view:)
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