Harajuku Totti Candy Fairy Floss
Harajuku Area, Members Only

Harajuku Fairy Floss

Do you know where to buy this fabulous ridiculously huge fairy floss in Harajuku?

It was so much fun trying to eat it!

It’s from Totti Candy in the famous Takeshita Street! It is located about half-way down the street and has a cute little shop on the 2nd Floor, as well as an area downstairs on the ground level.


  • Make sure you get there early (before they open) to get first in line! This fairy floss is SUPER popular and the lineup gets long quickly. In our case, we went there on a Sunday morning so the shop opened at 9:30am. We got there early at 8:30am, so we went to breakfast first at Noa Cafe (also on Takeshita Street, opposite McDonald’s) and had a wonderful toast and tea. This is actually one of my favourite cafes in Harajuku because the staff are ALWAYS super kind and let me bring in my stroller, and they are so welcoming to kids. The tea and toast is DELICIOUS too, so make sure you visit if you arrive too early for the fairy floss!
  • They don’t accept credit cards! Make sure you bring cash!
  • If you want to take photos, make sure you follow the “rules”! I think they’ve received complaints in the past because of everyone taking photos and blocking the road on Takeshita St. So they have strict rules for where you can take photos. Make sure you follow their guidelines to ensure a peaceful and happy fairy floss experience! 🙂


Harajuku Totti Candy Fairy Floss
Harajuku Totti Candy Fairy Floss
Harajuku Totti Candy Fairy Floss
First bite!
Harajuku Totti Candy Fairy Floss
Love these animal chocolates you can get from the same shop!

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