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5 Hotels with Amazing Views of Mt Fuji in Kawaguchiko

Are you planning to visit Kawaguchiko to see Mt Fuji?

I received alot of questions from everyone last week when I posted about my stay in Mt Fuji. Thank you everyone!

The most common question was “Can you tell me the name of the hotel?!”

Another comment was – “How did you find it! I stayed at a hotel in Kawaguchiko recently, but my room didn’t have a view of Mt Fuji….”

The answer to the first question is “Yushin” – I posted about our stay at the amazing Yushin last week. See the post and all the details here.

I also wanted to share with you some of the other hotels that I was considering to stay at, because they also have an amazing view of Mt Fuji and are super child-friendly!

Particularly I was looking for a hotel room that has a private onsen with a view of Mt Fuji from the spa (so I could relax and enjoy the view from the spa!). So some of the hotels below satisfy this tired-mummy dream of mine :))

So here is a list of 5 hotels that have a view of Mt Fuji from the rooms and/or the spa.

If you are wishing for a “room with a view” make sure you check these hotels!

I stayed at this hotel a couple of weeks ago and it was AMAZING! It is actually a cottage (like a Japanese apartment), and it has a huge carpark in front of the apartment so it provided the most amazing clear view of Mt Fuji. Make sure you check it out!

Click here for my blog post about Yushin

Mt Fuji view cottage with kids and pram
Amazing view of Mt Fuji from outside the cottage door at Yushin

I really love the private onsen baths in this hotel. You can enjoy looking at Mt Fuji while soaking in a real Japanese onsen!

Click here for the Fuji Lake Hotel website

Fuji Lake Hotel spa with view of Mt Fuji. Absolutely amazing…!

This hotel has huge family rooms with bunk beds and the most amazing view of Mt Fuji out the window.

Click here for the Fuji Zakura hotel website

Fuji Sakura Inn – Awesome view of Mt Fuji from the hotel room!

There are 3 villas with their own private bath and balcony with views of Mt Fuji. Similar to Yushin above where I stayed, these are like Japanese apartments with kitchen, bathroom etc. So it’s great for families with kids!

Click here for Villas Fuji

Amazing view of Mt Fuji from the enclosed balcony at Villas Fuji hotel

This hotel has omg some of the most amazing onsen bath views of Mt Fuji! I ADORE this deep hot tub in the photo below. So cool! Make sure you check it out.

Click here for the Konansou hotel website

How cool is this hot tub! At Konansou onsen 🙂

Just looking at all of these photos makes me want to book another trip to Mt Fuji!! It is SUPER relaxing and SUPER special to sit in a Japanese onsen while watching Mt Fuji (night or day). I can’t describe it, but it really makes you feel alive and appreciate the PRESENT. The view of Mt Fuji changes by the second, so you can really appreciate the wonders of earth while watching the view Mt Fuji. I highly recommend it!

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