Narita-san Mountain Temple with kids
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Narita Mountain Temple

Want some fresh air and some space to let your kids run around when you get to Narita Airport in Tokyo?

I highly recommend to visit Narita Mountain Temple! It is amazing!!

I’ve lived in Japan for over 15 years and I’ve always wanted to visit this temple, but I’m usually so focused on getting to the airport or getting into the city, there is never enough time.

This time though, I decided to take it slow, stay overnight at a hotel at Narita Airport, and get lots of fresh air and relax time before the flight. My son is actually extremely sensitivity to travel sickness (he gets motion sickness in the car/bus/plane really easily!) so I wanted to give him plenty of time to rest and recover between the bus and plane.

We caught a taxi to the temple (just a few minutes from the airport hotel) and it was even more amazing than I expected! Make sure you visit with your kids!!



LOVE this pagoda!


Narita-san Mountain Temple pagoda

This amazing Pagoda is at the top of the stairs. So beautiful and colourful!


Narita-san Mountain Temple with kids

As you walk past the pagoda, there is this beautiful temple on the right hand side. Your kids will LOVE running to see it up close!


Narita-san Mountain Temple with kids

There are a few places to ring the bell, throw in a coin, and make a wish. Make sure you make a wish with your kids! They will love ringing the bell. So cute!


Narita-san Mountain Temple with kids

This was the main temple. Inside they were holding a ceremony – you can take off your shoes and go in if you wish. We decided to explore the back of the building! My kids wouldn’t have been able to sit still in the ceremony haha


Narita-san Mountain Temple with kids

At the top of the mountain, you can fine even more temples! We had fun taking photos and exploring all around the temple grounds. There is also a forrest which has plum trees – it is famous in Feb when the plum tree flowers bloom! Make sure you visit!


Narita-san Mountain Temple with kids

This is the Peace Pagoda at the top of the mountain. SO beautiful!

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