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Child-friendly Narita Airport Hotel

If you will be arriving late at night at Narita Airport, I highly recommend to stay at a hotel! Here is my review of the hotel we just stayed at on the way back from Australia at Christmas time.

Key points:

  • There are many airport hotels at Narita (about 6-8 hotels to choose from). This hotel is closest to Narita Airport, so the shuttle bus only takes about 10min to get there (it is just 3min to go the other way from hotel to airport because it is on that side of the highway). This is great if your kids get motion sickness, as you may want to limit the amount of time on the shuttle bus (especially after a long flight!)
  • Spacious rooms (based on Japanese standard)
  • Great kids meals on the room service menu
  • There is a convenience store on the ground floor, which is great for buying snacks and drinks


Tobu Narita Airport hotel

Spacious room! This may seem small, but it is actually very big compared to the standard Japanese hotel room! 😉


Tobu Narita Airport hotel room

I booked a room with a double bed (as there were no twin bedrooms available at the time). This was fine though! We all slept in the same bed. If you need a baby cot, you can ask the reception.


Tobu Narita Airport hotel kids meal

Kids meals were fantastic! Lots of variety, including spaghetti, meatball, soup, fresh fruit and dessert. We were so tired when we arrived that we decided to order room service rather than go down to the buffet restaurant. It was about the same price!


Tobu Narita Airport hotel kids meals

Enjoying the kids meals!


Tobu Narita Airport hotel room view

This is the view from our hotel room. I have actually stayed at a few hotels at Narita Airport, and they all have unique features. This hotel was great for the proximity to the airport and the lovely view of the forest outside!


Tobu Narita Airport hotel toilet

We went to the restaurant downstairs for the buffet breakfast in the morning, and this is a photo of the ladies toilet – it has a huge baby cot where you can change diapers and your baby can sit in their if you like while you wash your hands!


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