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Peninsula Tokyo Hotel – Pamper Yourself at the Peninsula Spa

Are you a tired mum and in need of a rest?

Make sure you book a massage at the Peninsula Spa when you are in Tokyo!

It is absolutely amazing and you will feel a hundred times better afterwards.

Key points:

  1. Book an appointment in advance – make sure you book an appointment so you can look forward to this TLC for YOU! I actually booked my appointment the day before (my appointment was on a Saturday), but I did call a few days in advance to see how busy it was. I booked a massage at 11am and the spa was actually pretty empty which was fantastic. I had all of the facilities to myself! But by the afternoon there were quite a few guests coming into the spa. So the morning may be the best time to book an appointment before it becomes busy.
  2. Plan for 3 hours – the spa staff encourage guests to come 1 hour earlier in order to enjoy the sauna, crystal steam sauna, and the rest room. Even after your massage you can utilize these facilities and there is no time limit. I felt so relaxed and “at home”. It was wonderful! Just one point is the pool is only available for guests who are staying at the hotel. So you will need to book a room in order to have access to the pool. The pool is amazing, and if you have kids they are able to also enter (4-12 year olds) between 9am-5pm. So much fun and it has an amazing view of the Imperial Palace gardens!
  3. Get my Tokyo Guide – make sure you get my Tokyo Guide! This is the best way to plan the day so you can enjoy this time for yourself without having to worry about your kids. Of course someone (your husband, family member, babysitter) will need to look after your children while you are in the spa, so it is important to help plan their day in advance with child-friendly sightseeing/playgrounds/parks/cafes so they will not only have fun, but they will also have a stress-free time without you. As I mentioned above, it is a good idea to spend 3 hours at the Peninsula Spa in order to fully enjoy your massage and the facilities. So make sure you create an itinerary for 3-4 hours for your children to keep them busy and happy while you are away.

Make sure you watch the video below for all the details!

About Peninsula Spa:


Peninsula Tokyo Hotel building Marunouchi

Peninsula Tokyo Hotel is located close to Yurakucho and Hibiya Stations, and is just a short walk from Hibiya Park and the Imperial Palace gardens. So you can enjoy lots of sightseeing nearby!


Peninsula Tokyo Hotel amazing swimming pool

You can enjoy this luxury swimming pool if you are a guest!


Peninsula Tokyo Hotel poolside chairs

Stunning poolside chairs where if you are a guest of the hotel you can relax and enjoy before and after the spa


Peninsula Tokyo Hotel spa relaxing by the pool

The deck chairs by the pool have the most amazing view of the Imperial Palace!


Peninsula Spa Tokyo sauna

Peninsula Spa sauna. This photo is from the Peninsula Tokyo website. It was so misty and hot inside I couldn’t get a good photo on my camera! This photo shows how amazing it was. I was the only person in there during my appointment. It was like having my own private sauna!!

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