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Tokyo Travel Workshop July 2018

Hi Everyone!

How are you? I hope you are all well!

I have been super busy this month with the Tokyo Travel Workshop and my new Kyoto Guide. I can’t wait to show you!

Tokyo Travel Workshop

I have just completed my Tokyo Travel Workshop for this year.

Thank you to everyone you joined!

I first launched this workshop last year to help parents with advice for how to plan the essentials for your trip to Japan with your baby.

If you missed the workshop this year, I hope you can join next time!

I only hold these workshops once or twice a year, so if you miss it and you will be traveling to Japan soon, make sure you get my Tokyo Guide as this contains all the information you will need! It also includes my new online Kyoto Guide, so it is perfect if you will be traveling to Tokyo and Kyoto with your baby, toddler, or young children.

Traveling in Summer

It has been super hot already this month in Japan (this week has been 35 degrees celsius every day!), so it looks like it will be a record hot summer this year.

If you are traveling to Japan this summer, take care and get lots of rest in the shade or in air-conditioned sightseeing spots.

My kids have been waking up at about 5am (as the sun rises so early here in summer), so I have been making the most of the time and going out early to the park and sightseeing before it gets too hot.

If you are wondering how to plan your daily itinerary, I personally think a good balance is sightseeing in the early morning, followed by playground, early lunch at 11am when the restaurants open, afternoon nap, and then one more sightseeing spot in the afternoon. Then early dinner and early to bed. And then wake early in the morning and do it all again! This schedule works well in summer and winter, although in summer the kids usually sleep for longer at lunchtime, and then we have a later dinner when its cooler.

Have a wonderful time and do come and join me inside the Tokyo Guide!

x Kate



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