Tsutaya Futako Tamagawa kids play space interior
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Tsutaya Futako Tamagawa new kids play space

T i p !

If you are in Futako Tamagawa, make sure you visit the new kids play area in Tsutaya!

It’s beautiful!

Tsutaya is located in Rise Terrace. It used to have the Bornelund toy shop in a small room with a play space in the corner. But it was so popular they decided to make a big open space near the windows!

It is a fantastic area dedicated for kids so they can play freely and read books.

Absolutely love the miniature treehouse too!

There is also a very convenient baby nursing room, diaper change tables, as well as an all-access toilet (big enough for a stroller to fit in!). All located on the 2nd Floor near the play space. And Starbucks is just underneath on the 1st floor! So you can grab a coffee, go upstairs and enjoy a lovely stress-free time with your baby:)

Tsutaya Futako Tamagawa kids play space

Cute little cubby house area for kids to relax and read books or play


Tsutaya Futako Tamagawa kids play space

Love this dome! Kids can explore around the outside or sit inside and relax:)


Tsutaya Futako Tamagawa kids play space treehouse

Gorgeous miniature treehouse! Something to spark the imagination for kids:)


Tsutaya Futako Tamagawa kids play space interior

Huge shelf with books for kids to read

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