Moletto child-friendly restaurant
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Kyoto Guide: The child-friendly restaurant in Kyoto Station that I always go to!

This restaurant has become quite a popular one with my kids and I!

Reasons why we love it:

  1. Convenient location (above Kyoto Station)
  2. Super cute interior (baby blue and yellow decor, and feels like we are in a little country house)
  3. Kids meals and high chairs available – the kids set includes a toy which is always popular with kids!
  4. Close to toilets and baby facilities – very important so it’s easy to run to the toilet when required
  5. Friendly staff – I have found this to be a huge plus in Kyoto when I am looking for a child-friendly restaurant in order to have a stress-free time. Unfortunately, to be honest, I have found quite a few restaurants in Kyoto are not so welcoming for kids (which is why this guide is so important!). It really surprised me, as it felt even more difficult to find friendly restaurants in Kyoto than Tokyo! I asked my friends from Kyoto about this. They explained that Kyoto is a very small historical city and traditionally very conservative Japanese culture (more conservative than Tokyo). Combined with the huge increase in tourism to Kyoto in recent years, some of the restaurant owners and staff seem to be a bit “tired” of tourism. So I think it is very important to be aware of the culture in Kyoto and try to be even more aware and considerate in order to reduce the stress for everyone (including the restaurant staff and ourselves!). This means, for example, I make an extra effort to keep my kids under control while dining – I always remove their shoes when we sit down, so that they don’t cause any trouble if they climb on the seat. I try to keep them quiet, and let them watch youtube is necessary with the volume down low. I try to keep the table clean and clean up any spills. And I try to be quick – I generally don’t stay in the restaurants for too long. Maximum 45-60min!

Here are the details of the restaurant.

  • Name: Moletto
  • Type of cuisine: Japanese Omurice (Omelette on rice)
  • Address: 11F JR Kyoto Isetan Department Store, Kyoto Station
  • Phone: 075-352-6255
  • Hours: 11am-10pm
  • Kids menu available: yes
  • High chairs available: yes
  • Diaper change tables: yes (in the department store toilet around the corner from the restaurant)
  • Nursing room: yes (in the department store on 7th floor)
  • Cost: 1,000-2,000yen
  • Website link


Moletto child-friendly restaurant

Really cute booth-style tables. You can see the high-chairs lined up on the wall for customers to use.


Moletto child-friendly restaurant

Menu including special menu for kids. I had the Ladies set!


Moletto Kyoto child-friendly restaurant

Having fun!


Moletto Kyoto child-friendly restaurant

Ladies set is delicious!


This is the kids set. If you have a toddler, you can separate the rice from inside the omelette and scrape the sauce off the hamburger if you wish. You can also ask the staff to serve with no sauce if you like!


Moletto child-friendly restaurant

Super cute country-style feel with baby blue and yellow colours!

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