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Kyoto Guide: Awesome kids floor with play space, babysitting and more

After sightseeing in Kyoto, your kids will most likely need a break. This is a fantastic place to spend a few hours playing, resting, shopping, and eating!

Where is it?

Isetan Department Store in Kyoto Station!

It may seem easy, but it is extremely likely you will overlook this awesome kids floor unless you go searching for it.

The whole floor is dedicated to children, from babies to toddlers to young children, so you can completely relax and let them run around and enjoy themselves!

How to Enjoy

I highly recommend going to this location in either 2 patterns:

  1. Go for a few hours in the morning, followed by lunch at the child-friendly restaurant.
  2. Or you could do sightseeing in the morning, and then go there at about 11:30am for an early lunch and then let your child play and relax after lunch.

The reason to go there for lunch is because the child-friendly restaurant on this floor only has the kids set meal and baby food at lunchtime (not dinner time). If you DO go there in the evening, I recommend to have dinner at the Moletto child-friendly restaurant on 11F.


  • Location: Kyoto Isetan department store (7th floor)
  • Address:
  • Nursing rooms: yes
  • Diaper change tables: yes
  • Child-friendly restaurant: yes (IMPORTANT: only serves kids meal and baby food at lunchtime). If you want to have dinner, I recommend Moletto.
  • Play space: yes
  • Babysitting service: yes
  • Toys and clothing shops: yes
  • Kids hair salon: yes (Zusso)
  • Website link
  • Google map link


Kyoto Station Isetan Toddler play space

Awesome indoor play space for toddlers. There were also mums there with babies doing crawling and tummy time on the carpet, and some of the older kids could sit and watch the TV.


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor Wansa Kansa restaurant

Wansa Kansa restaurant on 7F serves kids meals and baby food at lunchtime until 3pm.


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor toy section

Toy section on the 7th floor is huge and has lots of toys and train sets for your kids to play with. It is really common in Japan to take your kids to a toy shop and let them play and look around, so it’s a great way to let them have a break from sightseeing! To be honest, after 2 days of sightseeing in Kyoto my kids were pretty tired of shrines and temples, so it became even more important to let them do what they want to do – run around and play!


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor toy section

Do you know Anpanman? It is an extremely popular Japanese cartoon and you can find funny toys and teddies here. Cute!


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor clothing

Large range of clothing is on sale on the 7th floor too, including baby clothing up to about 10 years old.


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor shop

Baby products from overseas


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor baby products

Aden and Anais is very popular now in Japan. Great if you need a new swaddle!


Kyoto Station Isetan kids floor babysitting service

Babysitting service is available on 7th floor for babies over 1 year old. Please check the times (it wasn’t open when I was there). But it is a great idea if you would like to spend an hour shopping while your baby is cared for in this cute play room!


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