Kyoto river-side kids playground
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Kyoto Guide: Cute kids playground by the river between Kyoto station and Gion area

This playground was just 3min walk from the Japanese ryokan that we stayed in.

It was so beautiful!

Located directly on the Kamo River and next to an old Japanese restaurant, it was so picturesque so mummy enjoyed it as much as the kids!


Click here for the previous post about the Japanese ryokan hotel that we stayed in, which was just 5min walk from this playground. I took the kids there in the early morning when they woke up. It was so much fun! (and avoided disturbing the other guests in the hotel haha).

Kyoto river-side kids playground

Gorgeous playground located right next to the river and this old Japanese restaurant


Slippery slide, swings, see-saw, and monkey bars!


Beautiful view of the river in the background as well


Walking route from hotel to playground

This is the walking route from the hotel we stayed at (Japanese ryokan) to the playground. Highly recommend going there so the kids can play in the morning:)

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