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Kyoto Guide: Child-Friendly Samurai Restaurant

Are your kids fascinated by Japanese samurai and ninja? Make sure you visit this restaurant!

It is located close to Nijo Castle, so it is a perfect place to have dinner after sightseeing around the castle grounds.

I was visiting Kyoto with my family, and we were thinking where to go for dinner for our last night in Kyoto. My sister wanted to eat Japanese food, and I wanted to make sure it was child-friendly as my kids were tired from all the sightseeing (and therefore not likely to sit still for very long! Hehe).

I found this restaurant and immediately was intrigued by the samurai theme and that they had been featured on a French TV program. I called them on the phone and although they were fully booked, the owner said he could have a table for us if we came early. I said that it perfect! So I booked a table for when they opened at 5:30pm.

As soon as we arrived we were warmly greeted by the owner and he went about explaining to my kids all about samurai. He even let my kids hold the samurai sword (which is blunt for safety reasons) and some ninja shuriken. They were so excited!

You might be wondering why the restaurant has a “world peace” concept even though it is a samurai restaurant?

I asked the owner, and he pointed to the samurai photos on the wall. He explained that the 2 most powerful samurai actually never fought. The reason is because after they had mastered the art of the samurai sword, they then focused on the master of the mind (meditation) which was part of their training. It was then that they realized they didn’t want to fight. It is said that even one of the samurais actually tied his sword in the cover because he wanted to prevent himself from ever drawing his sword! Amazing.

The restaurant has English menus and English explanation, and the owner speaks English has he studied peace in England, so you can enjoy and relax while you learn all about samurai history!

  • Name: Shishin Samurai Cafe & Bar
  • Address: Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Nakagyo Ward, Kamimyokakujicho 230-1
  • Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市中京区衣棚通押小路上る上妙覚寺町230-1
  • Children’s menu: yes
  • Baby-change table: no (please ask the staff)
  • Baby high chairs: no (the seating is on the floor)
  • Website link
  • Google link
Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant entrance

We got to the restaurant early before they opened at 5:30pm. We were the first customers to arrive! This was fantastic as it meant the kids could explore inside without interrupting other customers! Hehe


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant decorations

Our table was right next to this authentic Samurai outfit. So awesome!


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant owner

The owner of the restaurant was very welcoming and patiently answered all of my kids questions about samurai and ninja. SO much fun!


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant super cute table for two

All of the tables had floor seating except for this one. So cute! Too little chairs right next to the window and hidden garden view.


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant family table

Group photo! My son thought it was pretty cool to pose with the samurai sword:)


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant kids set

Photo of the kids set menu


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant kids set

Yummy kids set – I order the teriyaki chicken for both my kids. The teriyaki sauce was on the side, so I took that away and they were happy to just eat the chicken, vegetables and rice. Delicious!


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant kids menu

The kids set has 2 layers in a Japanese lunch box – when you lift of the top layer of food, you can find a surprise underneath!


Kyoto Samurai Child-Friendly Restaurant kids set surprise

So many hidden surprises for the kids! Candy, chocolate and toys. They were soooo excited!

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