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Kyoto Guide: Tips for catching a taxi with children in Kyoto

You may be wondering about the options for getting to all the shrine and temples in Kyoto with your baby?

There are 4 main options:

  1. Walk – this may be an option, for example, if the shrine or temple is located close to your hotel, or if your baby is asleep happily in the pram and you are keen to take a stroll (for example, through the streets of Gion). If you don’t have wifi, make sure you have a good map to follow!
  2. Bus – the buses are quite convenient and easy to catch if you are going to and from Kyoto Station. There are also some great tourist buses. Make sure you check the schedules at the information center at Kyoto Station.
  3. Train – there are trains from Kyoto Station to some of the major areas, but note that you may need to walk quite a distance from the station to the actual shrine or temple.
  4. Taxi – this is my preferred option! Usually when I go to Kyoto I am only there for 2-3 days, so I usually like to catch a taxi as it can take me directly from my hotel to the shrine/temple and maximum my “enjoyment time” with my kids. Children can become extremely tired catching public transport, particularly if it takes a long walk to get from your hotel to the station and back. So catching a taxi can save their energy (and yours!) so that you can spend your energy at the actual sightseeing spot.

Here is my video inside the taxi from Kyoto Station to Toji Temple!

There is also a “foreigner-friendly” taxi service at Kyoto Station which is fantastic!

I was actually one day waiting in a long line to catch a taxi at Kyoto Station with my children (it was peak cherry blossom season), when the foreigner-friendly taxi staff signaled to me to catch the special taxi in English. I was so relieved! I skipped the queue and jumped in the big spacious taxi with my kids and we were whisked away to our destination – Fushimi Inari shrine. It was fantastic and the taxi driver was very friendly and kind.

Here is a photo with our taxi driver!

Photo with our “foreigner-friendly” taxi driver in Kyoto! This service is for taxi drivers who can speak English, Chinese, and other languages. They are also super friendly, often have a big maxi-taxi, and you can skip the regular taxi queue as well!

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