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Kyoto Guide: Beautiful secret playground for kids and toddlers in Kyoto

This playground really surprised me – I didn’t realize how beautiful it would be until I got there!

I had seen some mention of this playground, but there wasn’t much information about it, so I nearly didn’t go there. But I am so glad that I did!

It is absolutely stunning, and HUGE! Lots of activities for the kids including – swings, slippery slides, toddler swings, sand pit, and a gorgeous cherry blossom garden for the parents to enjoy:)

Make sure you watch the video and check the details!


  • Name: “Nice Playground”
  • Location: Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Palace)
  • Address: 3 Kyotogyoen, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
  • Diaper change table: Yes! In the all-access toilet next to the playground
  • How to get there: I personally caught a taxi there with my kids as it was faster (15min by taxi). You could also catch a bus, but I chose a taxi as then I could instruct the taxi driver to drop me off at the North-West gate so that I had immediate access to the playground. Note that if you start at the south gate, it is a fairly long walk to the north side! So it depends on your objectives and how long you can walk, but for me and my kids it was much easier to go straight to the north end to the playground.
  • Information office: There is also an information office about Kyoto Imperial Palace at this north end (next to the playground), so if you have any questions you could go to the office and ask. My kids were suddenly busting to go to the toilet, and they even let me use their toilet inside the building which was very kind!
  • Google map link

Swings for toddlers!

Lots of space to play

Lots of activities for babies and toddlers

Beautiful cherry blossom garden inside the playground

Toilet inside the playground has an all-access toilet with diaper changing table


This is the inside of the toilet with the diaper changing table


Here is the map of Kyoto Gyoen. As you can see it is very big! I think it would take 20-30 min to walk from one end to the other (especially with kids in tow). The playground is located in the top left-hand corner.


Map showing the route from Kyoto Station to Kyoto Gyoen


Map showing the location of the “Nice Playground” in the north-west corner of Kyoto Gyoen (Kyoto Imperial Palace). The arrow shows the closest gate – if you go by taxi, ask the taxi to take you to this gate entrance.

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