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Kyoto Guide: Baby-friendly restaurant with garden view

It is often difficult to find a baby-friendly restaurant in Kyoto, so make sure you make a note of this restaurant!

This is a popular restaurant in an old Japanese ryokan with a stunning garden view, and is located close to Nanzenji temple (just north of Maruyama Park).


  • Name: Yachiyo
  • Baby-friendly: yes
  • Diaper-Changing table/space: yes
  • Private dining rooms available: yes
  • Okay to bring your own baby food: yes
  • Children’s food plate available: yes
  • Okay to bring your stroller into the restaurant: yes
  • Cost: Lunch is approx. 3,000yen
  • Website link
  • Google map link

This is the entrance for the restaurant.


Traditional Kyoto cuisine, with rice, miso soup, tempura, tofu, etc. Delicious!

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