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Kyoto Guide: Baby-friendly Japanese restaurant near Kinkaku-ji

If you are planning to visit Kinkaku-ji, make sure you schedule lunch at this amazing child-friendly restaurant!

It has a beautiful Japanese garden and welcomes families with children.

The restaurant faces the sightseeing road Koromokake no Michi which links Kyoto’s famous tourist attractions Kinkaku-ji (the Temple of the Golden Pavilion) and Ryoan-ji (the Temple of the Dragon at Peace).

The first floor has table seats and ozashiki seating (sitting on cushions on a tatami mat in front of a low table), and the second floor has private rooms with ozashiki seating.


  • Name of restaurant: Gontaro
  • Location: Near Kinkaku-ji
  • Phone number: 075-463-1039
  • Address:
  • Address in Japanese: 京都府京都市北区平野宮敷町26
  • How to get there: 30min bus ride from Kawaramachi Station
  • Type of cuisine: Traditional Kyoto cuisine (Japanese-style)
  • Baby-friendly: yes
  • Child-seats available: yes
  • Children’s menu available: yes
  • Diaper-Changing table/space: no (please ask the staff)
  • Okay to bring your own baby food: yes
  • Okay to take stroller inside the restaurant: yes
  • Cost: approx. 2,000-4,000yen
  • Hours: 11am-11pm (last order 9pm), check website as sometimes they change the hours
  • Closed: Every Wednesday this restaurant is closed
  • Website link
  • Google map link

Entrance has a garden


Delicious Japanese-style cuisine. They also have an English menu!


Enjoy lunch while looking out on the Japanese garden.

Photos: Gontaro

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