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Kyoto Guide: Awesome little playground for your kids to play in Gion

It is very hard to find these little playgrounds in Kyoto, but so important for your kids!

This is a fantastic way for your kids to relax and have fun in between sightseeing at the shrines and temples.

On this day, I was actually on my way in a taxi from Toji Temple to Maruyama Park, when my kids started to say they wanted to go to a playground. Actually, my son wanted to have a picnic, but it is not allowed to have picnics on the grass in many of the shrines and temples, so I had to quickly find somewhere that would be relaxed and easy to have a picnic!

Then I spotted this playground and quickly asked the taxi driver to pull over.

It was fantastic!

This playground is actually in Gion, so after enjoying the playground with your kids, you can stroll around the tiny streets of Gion.


  • Name: Matsubarabashi Park
  • Location: Gion, Kyoto
  • Activities: Swings, slippery slides, climbing gyms
  • Google map link

Click on the video below to see the playground!

See the maps below!

Entrance to the Matsubarabashi Playground in Gion


Swings, see-saw, slippery slide, and climbing gym!


Huge climbing gym


Mummy taking a rest in the shade


Map of the park – about 15min taxi ride from Kyoto Station

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