Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel
Baby-friendly hotel, Hotel, Okinawa

Baby-Friendly Hotel in Okinawa

Are you planning to go to Okinawa but you are wondering where is the best place to stay with your baby?

Make sure you check Kanucha Hotel!

I found this hotel in a pamphlet I received from my kids Japanese nursery school. It immediately caught my eye!

Everything is child-friendly – they have a baby room, baby food available at the hotel restaurants, babysitting service, and even the golf course is child-friendly! On top of that they also have a private beach and kids swimming pool. Awesome!

Note that the best time to go to Okinawa is from March-May, or from Sep-Dec (it is also beautiful in between from May-Sep, but there is more rain and risk of typhoons during this time).

See the photos below for the details, and check the Kanucha Hotel website here!

  • Hotel Name: Kanucha Bay Hotel and Villas
  • Location: 35.4 km from Okinawa City
  • Address: Abu 156-2, Nago City, Okinawa, Japan 905 2263
  • Baby facilities: Family rooms available, free stroller rental, baby cribs available, diapers and formula milk can be purchased on site
  • Babysitting service: available for babies 6 months – 6 years of age.
  • Baby food: Baby food and kids meals available in the restaurants
  • Breakfast for children of pre-school is a free if the share of the adult meal.
  • Website link
  • Google map link
Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel

Baby room and babysitting available in the hotel!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel family room

Love this family-friendly room! So gorgeous!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel cottage room

I also love this beachside cottage. The cottages are huge and have amazing views of the ocean!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel golf course

Aerial shot of Kanucha hotel and the golf course. It is a huge area and similar set up to club med with everything you need right there in the hotel:) So it is perfect for relaxing!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel balcony spa

Some of the cottages have their own private spa with views of the ocean. How fantastic to relax here while your baby is happily taking a nap in the baby crib behind you in the room!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel baby food

The restaurants in the hotel have baby food available, including “rinyushoku” in Japanese which means pureed food for babies who are still learning to eat solids. So you can enjoy staying at the hotel knowing your baby can also eat healthy pureed food!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel baby food

This is a popular Japanese pureed rice porridge for babies 6-8 months of age. It is a common pureed food fed to babies here and is available at the restaurants in the hotel.


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel kids food

This is another type of kids food, suitable for toddlers and young kids. This is available at the hotel restaurants.


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel swimming pool

The hotel has 3 swimming pools including a kids pool!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel child-friendly golf course

The golf course is also child-friendly which is fantastic. I remember playing golf with my dad when I was little and it was always fun! It’s great that they also welcome families onto the golf course here:)


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel bathroom

I thought I would add this photo because I LOVE bathrooms! How gorgeous is this bathroom with views of the blue water?!


Okinawa Kanucha baby-friendly hotel map location

Kanucha Hotel is located 1 hour drive from Okinawa City

Photos: Kanucha Hotel

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