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Top 5 Play areas in Tokyo where babies can crawl or do tummy time

It is really hard to find places in Tokyo where babies can crawl. Especially places with carpet or soft padding where your baby can do tummy time or crawl/stand up.
When my baby was crawling or just learning to stand up, I really struggled to find places that were clean and safe (with carpet or padding on the floor). So I used to go to these places repeatedly as I knew they were perfect for crawlers!
So if you are coming to Tokyo when your baby will be crawling, make sure you bookmark the following places!
Top 5 places to go with your baby for crawling/tummy time/standing time:
  1. Roppongi Hills – there is a wonderful family room on B2 floor with crawling space for babies. This space is quite open and has a window, so it is great to hang out!
  2. Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi – there is an enclosed crawling space for babies in the family room.
  3. Muji shop in Yurakucho/Ginza – this has crawling space for babies in the play area. It is quite busy with babies and toddlers, but it is lots of fun!
  4. Mitsukoshi Department Store in Ginza – this has crawling space for babies on 9F rooftop garden (there is special indoor room for babies)
  5. Takashimaya Department store in Shinjuku – there is a padded area for babies on the 9F kids area. Great for taking a rest from shopping!

Actually, now I remember more! These are also my favourites!

6. Muji in Shibuya – fantastic play area for babies in the kids play area

7. Seibu in Shibuya – special padded area especially for babies – perfect for crawling, tummy time, and standing up

Hope this helps and have a wonderful time!

x Kate

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