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Just 3.5 hours from Tokyo – Cherry blossoms at Takato Castle in Nagano

Cherry blossoms are blooming!!

They are in bloom now in Tokyo, and the peak bloom (called “mankai” in Japanese) will be in a few days (25-30 March).

If you will visit in April and miss this peak bloom in Tokyo, make sure you book an overnight or 2-night stay in a mountain area.

The mountains are colder which means the cherry blossoms will bloom later in April when the weather warms up. So beautiful!

This photo is of the cherry blossoms around Takato castle, Ina City in Nagano.

It is absolutely stunning and they also have a light show at night time where they light up the cherry blossoms trees.

Here are the details:

  • Name: Takato Castle
  • Location: Ina City, Nagano
  • Takato Jyoushi Park Cherry Blossom Festival: April to May (it is recommended to check for actual dates when the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom!)
  • Train: Chuo-Line limited express from Shinjuku to Okaya (2.5 hours), then local train to Inashi Station (50min). There is a bus to the castle (25min)
  • Hotels: There are hotels near Inashi Station and nearby stations
  • Google map

Photos: Go Nagano

So beautiful!

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