Tatami Tokyo Japanese shiatsu massage health spa with Izumi Iijima
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Shiatsu Body Massage at “Tatami Tokyo” with Health and Beauty Therapist and Airbnb Experience Host, Izumi Iijima

Have you ever tried Japanese Shiatsu Body Massage?
Do you want to try one or learn about it?
This is the perfect way to not only enjoy having a massage, but also learn how to do it yourself and for your family and friends.

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage done through clothing (no massage oil required).

Health and Beauty Therapist Izumi Iijima studied at the No1. Spa in Shibuya and is an expert at Shiatsu.

She also has 3 children so she knows how exhausted it can be to be a mum! She is very caring and provides wonderful advice for mothers particularly for health, beauty, and wellness.

Izumi also offers Self-Moxa Lessons and Yomogi Steam at her salon “Tatami Tokyo”.

Tatami Tokyo Salon details:

  • Japanese Health and Beauty Therapist: Izumi Iijima
  • Salon: Tatami Tokyo
  • Location: Tatami Tokyo is located in a beautiful 90 year old Japanese authentic house with garden in Setagaya, Tokyo
  • Babysitting: babysitting is not available, however your child is welcome to come and play in the play area while you have a massage
  • Reservations through Airbnb: click here make a reservation on Airbnb Experiences site
  • Direct bookings & inquiries (ask for TUB discount): info@hellotatami.com
  • Tatami Tokyo Instagram
  • About Yomogi: Yomogi steam is known as to be good for gynecological problems such as infertility and irregular menstrual periods. It is originally from Korea and  it was a folk remedy and said to be good for the body before & after giving child birth to improve the functions of the uterus and ovaries. Izumi originally tried Yomogi Steam before her 2nd baby was born to her body ready for delivery and it was so wonderful she decided to offer it in her salon! It also has benefits such as improving cold sensitivity, stiff shoulders, headaches, insomnia, stress relief, for beautiful skin, detox and weight loss.

I have personally had a Shiatsu massage by Izumi and it was amazing! Make sure you try it and the Yomogi steam!

Shiatsu Massage at Tatami Tokyo

Yomogi steam at Tatami Tokyo

Location of Tatami Tokyo in a beautiful 90 year old Japanese house in Setagaya

Japanese Health and Beauty Therapist, Izumi Iijima, with her baby

Location of Tatami Tokyo

Izumi Iijima, Health and Beauty Therapist, Tatami Tokyo

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