Kyoto, Members Only, Rooftop Gardens

Kyoto Station rooftop garden

Not many tourists know about this, but there is an AWESOME place to take your kids for a run around.

Did you know there is a rooftop garden above Kyoto Station?

Make sure you go there with your kids!

They will love it.

Many people just pass through Kyoto Station and focus their sightseeing on the shrines and temples. However Kyoto Station itself has alot to offer in terms of family-friendly spaces and restaurants.

If your kids are a bit tired of sightseeing, why not take them for some fresh air in the rooftop garden. It also has AMAZING views of the city around.

See my video below for what it looks like!

How to get there? Catch the elevator up in Isetan department store (inside Kyoto Station).

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