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Kyoto Guide – Child-friendly hidden cafe with outdoor terrace garden next to temple

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find an awesome baby-friendly cafe in Kyoto where you and can not only beat the crowds, but you can also relax and have fun!

On my recent trip to Kyoto it was a particularly crowded week with tourists, so it was almost impossible to find a cafe to sit down and have lunch.

We had been to Kiyomizudera in the morning and were walking down the Sanenzaka steps. My kids were hungry and in need of a rest, but I couldn’t find a suitable place to eat. I even walked down all the small side streets in search of a suitable place, but no luck!

ALL the restaurants and cafes were absolutely packed!

Luckily we walked a little further along and found a WONDERFUL hidden cafe called “Inoda Coffee” with outdoor seating and a gorgeous Japanese garden. We were happy to sit outside on the terrace, so it was perfect.

Here are the details and map for how to get there!

  • Cafe: Inoda Coffee
  • Type of food: Sandwiches, pasta, coffee, tea, cake
  • Address: 3-334 Kiyomizu 1-chome Higashiyama-ku Kyoto Kyoto
  • Address in Japanese:京都府 京都市東山区 清水 3-334
  • PH: 075-532-5700
  • Hours: 7:00~19:00
  • Price: 1000-2000yen
  • Click here for website 

See my video below for the details and maps!

Map of walking route from Kiyomizudera -> Sanenzaka steps -> Inoda Coffee

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4 thoughts on “Kyoto Guide – Child-friendly hidden cafe with outdoor terrace garden next to temple

  1. Stephanie says:

    This is very helpful! We’ll be in Tokyo, and then Kyoto in the first two weeks of October (my mom signed up for this blog) -all the posts have been helpful. I was originally concerned with taking a baby/toddler in a stroller thru Tokyo and Kyoto, due to the stairs- and was planning on just carrying him most of the time (I do it alot at home, and at bon dances here in Hawaii). We are looking forward to the trip.

    1. Kate says:

      Thank you Stephanie! Have a wonderful time! x Kate

  2. Jodie says:

    Hi Kate,

    We’re about 3 days away from departing Melbourne and coming to Japan. This is our 3rd time, however first time with a baby! The information gained from the Tokyo guide and the extras available in the members section has been a wealth of information. Seriously worth every penny! We’re going to Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka with day trips to Nara and Hiroshima. Once again a big thanks for your precise , well researched info!

    Kind Regards


    1. Kate says:

      Hi Jodie, Thank you so much for your message! I’m so happy that the guide has helped you! I hope you have a wonderful trip and please let me know if you have any questions! x Kate

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