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Tips about Japanese diapers and wipes – Pampers, Goon, Moony, Merries

This is a tutorial-style video about my key tips and advice with buying Japanese diapers.

Japanese diapers are all in Japanese language, so it can be difficult to understand!

Whether you are living in Japan or coming here for a holiday, these tips can help you ALOT.

I wish someone had told me these tips when I came to Japan!

I can’t tell you how many times I have bought the wrong size or type of diaper because I didn’t read the package properly.

I have also wasted lots of time trying to use the pull-on diapers because I didn’t know the correct way to take them off! 🙂

Make sure you watch this video to learn:

  • My favorite diaper brands
  • Important points you probably don’t know about Japanese pull-on diapers!
  • Advice for buying wipes and much more

This video is a bit longer than my other videos as I explain in detail and give lots of tips!

Click on the video below to watch:

Goon super big diapers
Moony wipes
Pull-on diaper tips

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