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Day Trip Advice from Tokyo

This video shows my top 5 tips for family-friendly day trips outside of Tokyo in regional Japan.

This is a common question that I often receive, particularly from mums and dads who want to combine a few days exploring in Tokyo with a couple of short trips outside of the city to enjoy the countryside and local Japanese food and culture.

Make sure you watch this video tutorial for my personal tips for Day Trips or overnight trips from Tokyo, including:

  • Karuizawa
  • Nikko
  • Kamakura
  • Izu
  • Hakone

Hotel Tip!

One extra tip is that I have found when I book accommodation both in the city and in regional Japan, the best and easiest way is to book through the website . I have spent hours and hours comparing Japanese hotel websites in the past, trying to find the best local places and at the best prices. And what I have realized is that all the same hotels are easily found in English on and the prices are usually the same or even cheaper than the Japanese sites. I hope this helps! I guarantee it will save you time and money. (Please note that I don’t receive any affiliate fees on my site and you will also notice that I don’t have any advertising. This is because my advice is based on my personal experience and countless hours of research. So I can assure it will help you!)

x Kate


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