Traveling in Japan with a baby

3 Tips for traveling in Tokyo in the New Year period

NYE tomorrow!

Top tips if you are in Tokyo for the New Year period:

1. Many museums and restaurants are closed until 4th January. Make sure you check the websites BEFORE you go there, to check if they are open.

2. Suitcase lockers at Shibuya station are closed for new year celebrations (for security reasons). This means you can’t use the lockers in Shibuya! If you arrive at the airport early and can’t check-in to your hotel until afternoon, try to leave your suitcases at the hotel or use lockers at a different station such as Omotesando or Shinjuku.

3. It’s crazy busy because the sales in the shops are on! (similar to Boxing Day Sales in Australia). Try to eat lunch early at 11am before the restaurants get crowded. This is the best way to enjoy the city with young children in tow!

Happy New Year!

x Kate

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