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2015 Top 25 Most Popular Baby Boy and Girl Names in Japan

Are you having a baby soon and searching for a unique name?

Make sure you check these Top 25 Japanese baby names for boys and girls in 2015!

Lots of new names compared to a couple of years ago.

Although it is not quite the end of the year yet, I wanted to share these with you as they are super cute!


  1. Mei(芽依)
  2. Yui(結衣)
  3. Hana (花)
  4. Aoi(葵)
  5. Himari (陽葵)
  6. Koharu(心春)
  7. Sakura (さくら)
  8. Rin(凛)- pronounced “Lin”
  9. Akari (あかり)
  10. Honaka (穂香)
  11. Rio (莉央) – pronounced “Li-o”
  12. Momoka (百花)
  13. Mio (美桜)
  14. Hina(陽菜)
  15. Yua(結愛)
  16. Saki (咲希)
  17. Sana (紗奈)
  18. Yuina(結菜)
  19. Ichika (一華)
  20. Airi(愛莉)
  21. Kaho (夏帆)
  22. Miyu (美結)
  23. Yuna (優奈)
  24. Kanna (栞奈)
  25. Hinata (ひなた)


  1. Haruto(陽翔)
  2. Yuto(悠斗)
  3. Sota (颯太)- pronounced “So-ta”
  4. Haruki (悠希)
  5. Sosuke (奏介)
  6. Yuito (結翔)
  7. Riku (陸)
  8. Yuki (悠希)
  9. Souma(颯真)
  10. Hinata (陽向)
  11. Yuma (悠真)
  12. Minato (湊)
  13. Asahi (朝陽)
  14. Hiroto (大翔)
  15. Eito (瑛斗)
  16. Kaito (海斗)
  17. Koki(光希)- Pronounced “Ko-ki”
  18. Hayato (颯斗)
  19. Sora (蒼空)- Pronounced “Sola”
  20. Kota (康太)- Pronounced “Ko-ta”
  21. Aoto (碧人)
  22. Haru (晴)
  23. Rikuto (陸翔)
  24. Haruma (悠真)
  25. Yusei (悠聖)
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Have fun choosing a baby name for your baby!

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2 thoughts on “2015 Top 25 Most Popular Baby Boy and Girl Names in Japan

  1. lauren says:

    Thanks for publishing this list. Agree so cute. I think Koki is pronounced Ko-KI not Ko-Ka?? Lauren

    1. Kate says:

      Yes thank you Lauren!

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